Term Name: thallium sulfate Search Ontology:
  • CSF-Giftweizen
  • dithallium sulfate
  • dithallium(1+) sulfate
  • dithallium(I) sulfate
  • Eccothal
  • Ratox
  • sulfato de talio
  • sulfuric acid dithallium(1+) salt
  • sulfuric acid dithallium(I) salt
  • sulfuric acid thallium salt
  • sulfuric acid thallium(1+) salt
  • thallium sulphate
  • thallium(1+) sulfate
  • thallium(I) sulfate
  • thallous sulfate
  • thallous sulphate
  • Tl2SO4
  • Zelio
Definition: A metal sulfate in which the counterion is thallium and the ratio of thallium to sulfate is 2:1. It is a rodenticide used to control rats, squirrels, mice, moles, prairie dogs, ants and cockroaches. It is no longer registered for pesticide use in the United States.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available