OBO ID: CHEBI:147402
Term Name: ammonium thiosulfate Search Ontology:
  • ammo hypo
  • ammonium hyposulfite
  • ammonium thiosulfate
  • ammonium thiosulphate
  • ATS
  • bisammonium sulfurothioate
  • diammonium sulfurothioate
  • diammonium thiosulfate
  • diammonium thiosulphate
  • Thio-Sul
  • thiosulfuric acid diammonium salt
Definition: An inorganic ammonium salt composed of ammonium and thiosulfate ions in a 2:1 ratio. It is used in the leaching of gold and silver, as a fertilizer and as a photographic fixing salt.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available