OBO ID: CHEBI:141380
Term Name: indanomycin Search Ontology:
  • (-)-X-14547A
  • (2R)-2-[(2R,5S,6R)-6-{(3E,5E)-6-[(1S,3aR,4S,5S,7aS)-1-ethyl-4-(1H-pyrrol-2-ylcarbonyl)-2,3,3a,4,5,7a-hexahydro-1H-inden-5-yl]hexa-3,5-dien-3-yl}-5-methyltetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl]propanoic acid
  • antibiotic X 14547A
  • X-14547A
Definition: An indene that is (3aS,7aR)-2,3,3a,4,5,7a-hexahydro-1H-indene which is substituted at the 2-pro-R position by a 1H-pyrrol-2-ylcarbonyl group, at the 9-pro-S position by an ethyl group, and at the 5-pro-R position by a hexa-1,3-dineyl group in which position 4 has been substituted by a (2R,3S,6R)-6-[(1R)-1-carboxyethyl]-3-methyltetrahydropyran-2-yl group. It exhibits activity against Gram-positive bacteria as well as antihypertensive and antitumour. It also functions as an effective growth promoter for ruminants.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available