OBO ID: CHEBI:141319
Term Name: metam Search Ontology:
  • Dithiokohlensaeure-methylamid
  • methan
  • methyl-dithiocarbamic acid
  • Methyl-dithiocarbamidsaeure
  • methylcarbamodithioic acid
  • methyldithiocarbamate
  • methyldithiocarbaminic acid
  • N-methyldithiocarbamic acid
Definition: A member of the class of dithiocarbamic acids that is dithiocarbamic acid in which a hydrogen attached to the amino group has been replaced by a methyl group. It is used (most widely as the corresponding sodium salt, metam-sodium) as an agricultural pesticide, mainly as a broad spectrum soil fumigant for the control of weeds, nematodes, soil-borne insects and fungi.
  • CAS:144-54-7
  • Pesticides:metam
  • Reaxys:1739002
Ontology: ChEBI  (EBI)
PHENOTYPE No data available