OBO ID: CHEBI:140651
Term Name: rhabduscin Search Ontology:
  • 4-[(E)-2-isocyanovinyl]phenyl 4-acetamido-4,6-dideoxy-beta-L-galactopyranoside
Definition: An isocyanide that is the 4-acetamido-4,6-dideoxy-beta-L-galactopyranoside of p-[(E)-2-isocyanovinyl]phenol. Produced by the gram-negative insect pathogens, Xenorhabdus nematophila and Photorhabdus luminescens, it is a potent nanomolar-level inhibitor of phenoloxidase, a key component of the insect's innate immune system.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available