OBO ID: CHEBI:140394
Term Name: 16(S)-glutathionyl-17(R)-hydroxy-(4Z,7Z,10,12,14,19Z)-docosahexaenoate(2-) Search Ontology:
  • 16-glutathionyl-17-hydroxy-4Z,7Z,10,12,14,19Z-docosahexaenoate(2-)
  • PCTR1(2-)
  • protectin conjugate in tissue regeneration 1(2-)
Definition: A docosanoid anion obtained by deprotonation of the three carboxy groups and protonation of the glutamyl alpha-amino group of 16(S)-glutathionyl,17(R)-hydroxy-(4Z,7Z,10,12,14,19Z)-docosahexaenoic acid; major species at pH 7.3.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available