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General Information
Term: mid cerebral vein angiogenic sprout
Note: This page represents a term created by the combination ("post-composition") of two ontology terms. For more information on the individual terms, click the hyperlinked name.
Name: mid cerebral vein
Synonyms: MCeV, MeCV, mid-cerebral vein, middle cerebral vein
Definition: The mesencephalic veins (MsV) enter the mid cerebral veins (MCeV) at the dorsal midline. THe MCeVs originate at the dorsal midline, proceed laterally in a ventral direction to drain into the paired primordial midbrain channels (PHBC).
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0005010]
Name: angiogenic sprout
Definition: Portion of vessel wall that extends to form a new blood vessel.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0005604]