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General Information
Term: extraocular musculature cellular anatomical entity
Note: This page represents a term created by the combination ("post-composition") of two ontology terms. For more information on the individual terms, click the hyperlinked name.
Name: extraocular musculature
Synonyms: ocular musculature
Definition: Muscle system surrounding the eye. The extraocular musculature is derived from the neural crest. The extraocular muscles assume their adult configuration between 66 and 72 hpf. They differentiate contemporaneously with the eye vesicle, form precise anatomic attachments to sclera and bone, and are innervated by cranial nerves 3, 4, and 6.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0000511]
Name: cellular anatomical entity
Definition: A part of a cellular organism that is either an immaterial entity or a material entity with granularity above the level of a protein complex but below that of an anatomical system. Or, a substance produced by a cellular organism with granularity above the level of a protein complex.
Ontology: GO: Cellular Component [GO:0110165]   QuickGO   AmiGO