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General Information
Term: ovary granulosa cell
Note: This page represents a term created by the combination ("post-composition") of two ontology terms. For more information on the individual terms, click the hyperlinked name.
Name: ovary
Synonyms: ovaries
Definition: Female reproductive organ. The ovary is a bilobed cavitated organ located ventral to the swim bladder.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0000403]
Name: granulosa cell
Synonyms: granulosa cells
Definition: A supporting cell for the developing female gamete in the ovary of mammals. They develop from the coelomic epithelial cells of the gonadal ridge. Granulosa cells form a single layer around the mammalian oocyte in the primordial ovarian follicle and advance to form a multilayered cumulus oophorus surrounding the ovum in the Graafian follicle. The major functions of granulosa cells include the production of steroids and LH receptors.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0009227]