ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-040426-1504
Nomenclature History
New Value Event Old Value Date Reason Comments
rhogd renamed from rhoga 2010-07-14 renamed to conform with zebrafish guidelines This gene was renamed from rhoga to rhogd to accommodate another zebrafish rhog gene (ZDB-GENE-060503-820). That gene, along with rhogb (ZDB-GENE-030131-8877), are supported as orthologous genome duplicates of human RHOG and mouse Rhog based on amino acid identity and conserved location. Zebrafish nomenclature conventions state that genome duplicates should be assigned 'a' and 'b'.
rhoga renamed from zgc:66008 2006-03-07 renamed to conform with zebrafish guidelines ZDB-PUB-050518-16
zgc:66008 assigned 2004-04-26 Not Specified

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