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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-040220-5
Gene Name: toll-like receptor 22
Gene Symbol: tlr22
GO Details
Ontology Qualifier Term Evidence Inferred From Annotation Extension Reference(s)
Cellular Component integral component of membrane IEA UniProtKB-KW:KW-0812 ZFIN Electronic Annotation
membrane IEA UniProtKB-KW:KW-0472 ZFIN Electronic Annotation
Biological Process immune system process IEA UniProtKB-KW:KW-0391 ZFIN Electronic Annotation
innate immune response IEA UniProtKB-KW:KW-0399 ZFIN Electronic Annotation
pattern recognition receptor signaling pathway IDA Sundaram et al., 2012
response to bacterium IDA Rojo et al., 2007
signal transduction IEA InterPro:IPR000157 ZFIN Electronic Annotation