ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-030131-6531
Gene Name: synaptojanin 2 binding protein
Gene Symbol: synj2bp
GO Details
Ontology Qualifier Term Evidence Inferred From Annotation Extension Reference(s)
Cellular Component basolateral plasma membrane IBA UniProtKB:Q12959, MGI:MGI:2145950, PANTHER:PTN001501163, WB:WBGene00002632, RGD:2505, FB:FBgn0263289, MGI:MGI:107231 Gaudet et al., 2010
cell junction IBA MGI:MGI:1888986, UniProtKB:Q12959, RGD:1565055, FB:FBgn0001624, MGI:MGI:1344351, UniProtKB:Q14160, MGI:MGI:1277959, RGD:708527, PANTHER:PTN001501163, RGD:68424, RGD:68423, MGI:MGI:107231, UniProtKB:P78352 Gaudet et al., 2010
integral component of membrane IEA UniProtKB-KW:KW-0812 ZFIN Electronic Annotation
COLOCALIZES WITH ionotropic glutamate receptor complex IBA MGI:MGI:1277959, PANTHER:PTN001501163 Gaudet et al., 2010
membrane IEA UniProtKB-KW:KW-0472 ZFIN Electronic Annotation
neuromuscular junction IBA FB:FBgn0029830, PANTHER:PTN000563569, FB:FBgn0001624, MGI:MGI:107231 Gaudet et al., 2010
neuron projection IBA MGI:MGI:1277959, RGD:68424, PANTHER:PTN000563569, RGD:619895, RGD:2505 Gaudet et al., 2010
postsynaptic density membrane IBA MGI:MGI:1277959, PANTHER:PTN000563569 Gaudet et al., 2010
Biological Process cell-cell adhesion IBA UniProtKB:Q14160, UniProtKB:Q12959, PANTHER:PTN001501163 Gaudet et al., 2010
chemical synaptic transmission IBA PANTHER:PTN000563569, FB:FBgn0001624, MGI:MGI:1344351 Gaudet et al., 2010
establishment or maintenance of epithelial cell apical/basal polarity IBA MGI:MGI:1888986, PANTHER:PTN001501163, WB:WBGene00002632, FB:FBgn0263289 Gaudet et al., 2010
receptor clustering IBA PANTHER:PTN001501163, RGD:619895 Gaudet et al., 2010
receptor localization to synapse IBA MGI:MGI:1277959, RGD:1565055, PANTHER:PTN001501163, RGD:68424, MGI:MGI:1344351, RGD:2505, MGI:MGI:107231 Gaudet et al., 2010