Clone Name: BUSM1-234G15

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40592317 rs40592622 rs40592669 rs40592884 rs40592912 rs40593091 rs40593194 rs40593224 rs40593447 rs40593460 rs40593484 rs40593512 rs40593626 rs40593657 rs40593951 rs40593962 rs40593999 rs40594196 rs40594240 rs40594248 rs40594395 rs40594434 rs40594514 rs40594596 rs40594720 rs40594896 rs40594962 rs40595056 rs40595150 rs40595183 rs40595368 rs40595498 rs40595595 rs40595750 rs40595765 rs40595784 rs40595791 rs40595796 rs40595953 rs40596003 rs40596010 rs40596060 rs40596146 rs40596496 rs40596518 rs40596549 rs40596577 rs40596822 rs40596856 rs40597233 rs40597309 rs40597410 rs40597454 rs40597503 rs40597940 rs40597975 rs40598279 rs40598338 rs40598714 rs40598855 rs40599215 rs40599389 rs40599480 rs40599482 rs40599628 rs40599635 rs40599719 rs40600125 rs40600128 rs40600479 rs40600484 rs40600494 rs40600652 rs40600752 rs40600819 rs40600900 rs40601107 rs40601140 rs40601314 rs40601454 rs40601517 rs40601622 rs40601875 rs40601975 rs40602130 rs40602139 rs40602200 rs40602297 rs40602459 rs40602821 rs40602880 rs40602914 rs40602923 rs40603036 rs40603046 rs40603058 rs40603278 rs40603763 rs40603837 rs40604210 rs40604219 rs40604528 rs40604532 rs40604557 rs40604637 rs40604657 rs40604846 rs40604920 rs40605027 rs40605086 rs40605129 rs40605477 rs40605765 rs40606219 rs40606306 rs40606338 rs40606465 rs40606468 rs40606478 rs40606510 rs40606612 rs40607074 rs40607086 rs40607198 rs40607202 rs40607475 rs40607854 rs40607902 rs40607945 rs40607956 rs40608169 rs40608187 rs40608367 rs40608435 rs40608613 rs40608674 rs40608795 rs40608956 rs40609084 rs40609098 rs40609593 rs40609613 rs40609902 rs40610103 rs40610233 rs40610245 rs40610428 rs40610452 rs40610459 rs40610564 rs40610613 rs40610642 rs40610656 rs40610829 rs40610890 rs40611225 rs40611327 rs40611427 rs40611454 rs40611596 rs40611688 rs40611835 rs40611945 rs40611985 rs40612032 rs40612065 rs40612364 rs40612534 rs40612557 rs40612864 rs40612893 rs40613049 rs40613219 rs40613254 rs40613349 rs40613613 rs40613680 rs40613756 rs40613934 rs40613935 rs40614000 rs40614224 rs40614231 rs40614304 rs40614497 rs40615092 rs40615116 rs40615405 rs40615446 rs40615653 rs40616054 rs40616076 rs40616171 rs40616201 rs40616403 rs40616481 rs40616664 rs40617166 rs40617212 rs40617306 rs40617431 rs40617562 rs40617642 rs40617740 rs40618255 rs40618263 rs40618327 rs40618472 rs40618568 rs40618605 rs40618617 rs40618665 rs40618848 rs40618859 rs40618971 rs40619116 rs40619185 rs40619188 rs40619480 rs40619502 rs40619503 rs40619691 rs40619742 rs40619791 rs40619883 rs40619964 rs40620052 rs40620346 rs40620352 rs40620456 rs40620605 rs40620611 rs40620621 rs40620789 rs40620883 rs40620886 rs40621015 rs40621371 rs40621405 rs40621550 rs40621622 rs40621626 rs40621656 rs40621911 rs40622067 rs40622116 rs40622302 rs40622323 rs40622359 rs40622486 rs40622772 rs40622794 rs40622806 rs40622835 rs40622844 rs40622861 rs40622883 rs40622923 rs40622988 rs40623086 rs40623100 rs40623184 rs40623228 rs40623445 rs40623451 rs40623597 rs40623614 rs40623615 rs40623618 rs40623680 rs40623736 rs40623940 rs40624183 rs40624309 rs40624404 rs40624494 rs40624707 rs40624794 rs40624939 rs40625031 rs40625325 rs40625328 rs40625383 rs40625412 rs40625424 rs40625527 rs40625596 rs40625665 rs40625679 rs40625688 rs40625889 rs40625950 rs40625958 rs40625981 rs40626176 rs40626244 rs40626279 rs40626308 rs40626458 rs40626477 rs40626577 rs40626593 rs40626660 rs40626849 rs40626866 rs40626995 rs40627090 rs40627389 rs40627568 rs40627698 rs40627782 rs40627934 rs40627974 rs40628097 rs40628103 rs40628136 rs40628190 rs40628216 rs40628233 rs40628278 rs40628567 rs40628576 rs40628641 rs40628873 rs40628994 rs40628998 rs40629062 rs40629066 rs40629304 rs40629370 rs40629417 rs40629439 rs40629516 rs40643086 rs40643087 rs40643088 rs40643089 rs40643090 rs40643091 rs40643092 rs40643093 rs40643604 rs40643605 rs40643606 rs40643607 rs40643608 rs40643609 rs40643610 rs40643611 rs40643612 rs40643613 rs40644104 rs40644105 rs40644106 rs40644107 rs40644108 rs40644109 rs40644110 rs40644111 rs40644112 rs40644113 rs40644684 rs40644685 rs40644686 rs40644687 rs40662650 rs40662651 rs40662652 rs40662653 rs40663144 rs40663145 rs40663146 rs40663147 rs40663148 rs40663149 rs40664641 rs40664643 rs40665190 rs40665191 rs40665192 rs40665193 rs40665664 rs40665665 rs40665666 rs40665673 rs40666124 rs40666125 rs40666126 rs40666127 rs40666128 rs40666129 rs40666130 rs40666131 rs40666132 rs40666133 rs40666624 rs40666625 rs40666631 rs40667137 rs40667143 rs40667634 rs40667636 rs40669751 rs40679711 rs40679761 rs40683170 rs40684448 rs40688317 rs40698610 rs40703579 rs40714364 rs40722773 rs40730972 rs40730974 rs40735752 rs40743706 rs40747447 rs40749048 rs40756527 rs40756761 rs40756792 rs40757965 rs40761760 rs40761777 rs40765900 rs40771525 rs40783309 rs40788927 rs40791006 rs40794037 rs40796647 rs40796698 rs40801325 rs40805645 rs40809028 rs40813052 rs40818550 rs40818687 rs40823237 rs40825923 rs40833288 rs40835042 rs40838379 rs40839971 rs40843822 rs40843963 rs40847634 rs40862639 rs40864222 rs40869250 rs40871426 rs40873351 rs40873881 rs40876970 rs40877099 rs40877555 rs40878182 rs40883895 rs40884751 rs40886375 rs40888594 rs40895474 rs40905703 rs40909549 rs40912746 rs40914643 rs40940055 rs40941289 rs40943590 rs40946855 rs40955319 rs40959829 rs40975872 rs40976804 rs40977251 rs40978637 rs40982897 rs40994199 rs40996740 rs40998069 rs40998266 rs41007043 rs41009800 rs41014230 rs41015435 rs41022148 rs41023013 rs41023494 rs41024056 rs41030039 rs41032196 rs41036777 rs41036816 rs41044625 rs41045599 rs41046786 rs41048029 rs41064656 rs41068771 rs41073020 rs41077369 rs41081318 rs41087978 rs41091036 rs41093025 rs41094687 rs41097447 rs41098286 rs41103911 rs41105493 rs41106920 rs41112658 rs41115974 rs41119303 rs41125738 rs41132288 rs41132335 rs41139360 rs41139729 rs41141452 rs41141797 rs41148183 rs41156626 rs41159425 rs41161913 rs41165759 rs41170084 rs41172124 rs41173593 rs41181830 rs41190297 rs41196940 rs41203625 rs41205406 rs41212804 rs41214512 rs41215621 rs41224564 rs41230706 rs41232065 rs41236897 rs41240499 rs41244831 rs41246483 rs41250122 rs40595564 rs40625222 rs40689296 rs40796570 rs40595584 rs40604056 rs40665669 rs40667635 rs40594491 rs40607204 rs40635595 rs40639172 rs40639173 rs40639704 rs40639706 rs40639712 rs40639713 rs40640214 rs40640215 rs40640216 rs40640217 rs40640739 rs40640741 rs40641230 rs40641674 rs40641679 rs40641682 rs40642199 rs40642694 rs40642695 rs40642696 rs40642697 rs40642699 rs40643085 rs40643164 rs40643170 rs40643171 rs40644074 rs40644079 rs40644556 rs40644559 rs40653051 rs40653053 rs40653554 rs40653555 rs40653556 rs40653557 rs40653558 rs40653559 rs40874218