Clone Name: BUSM1-227H09

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40592500 rs40596547 rs40597087 rs40599766 rs40603936 rs40606185 rs40607460 rs40608381 rs40609679 rs40610455 rs40614109 rs40614332 rs40616022 rs40616104 rs40620591 rs40620688 rs40621224 rs40625823 rs40627730 rs40639097 rs40640390 rs40640653 rs40645456 rs40647649 rs40647650 rs40656240 rs40657790 rs40657791 rs40658564 rs40668157 rs40676249 rs40680171 rs40684352 rs40688888 rs40689625 rs40690228 rs40691050 rs40692348 rs40694157 rs40694678 rs40698454 rs40701266 rs40702285 rs40704993 rs40706415 rs40712745 rs40714904 rs40718214 rs40723353 rs40725414 rs40725482 rs40726738 rs40727559 rs40727609 rs40728296 rs40728379 rs40728896 rs40733274 rs40734425 rs40734883 rs40735456 rs40737056 rs40741367 rs40741445 rs40742096 rs40742554 rs40743551 rs40748048 rs40748433 rs40754164 rs40754423 rs40755238 rs40755819 rs40756360 rs40756785 rs40756863 rs40762747 rs40765781 rs40766415 rs40768139 rs40768444 rs40768498 rs40769428 rs40770920 rs40772926 rs40775414 rs40778096 rs40781167 rs40781222 rs40785132 rs40786178 rs40794514 rs40794982 rs40795195 rs40797202 rs40798470 rs40798552 rs40800031 rs40802098 rs40802800 rs40803424 rs40806019 rs40808828 rs40814684 rs40815590 rs40816507 rs40817164 rs40819264 rs40819897 rs40821729 rs40827245 rs40827503 rs40827692 rs40830587 rs40831129 rs40833547 rs40833650 rs40833836 rs40834951 rs40836420 rs40836492 rs40837472 rs40838250 rs40839433 rs40840778 rs40845303 rs40845896 rs40846744 rs40846779 rs40848347 rs40848796 rs40848844 rs40850346 rs40850574 rs40850858 rs40850977 rs40851097 rs40852947 rs40854469 rs40854883 rs40855586 rs40857698 rs40857945 rs40860338 rs40860734 rs40862663 rs40863421 rs40864012 rs40865235 rs40871030 rs40871941 rs40874314 rs40874638 rs40877587 rs40879297 rs40879695 rs40879778 rs40881517 rs40887053 rs40890936 rs40892147 rs40892684 rs40895759 rs40897058 rs40897678 rs40901157 rs40903171 rs40903951 rs40904122 rs40905114 rs40907381 rs40910227 rs40911567 rs40912069 rs40912095 rs40913055 rs40917817 rs40918170 rs40920976 rs40924921 rs40926081 rs40926141 rs40926796 rs40931260 rs40932403 rs40932639 rs40937676 rs40939218 rs40944120 rs40945838 rs40948413 rs40949229 rs40949259 rs40949580 rs40949638 rs40950094 rs40950381 rs40950758 rs40950993 rs40952897 rs40953726 rs40955775 rs40961288 rs40962694 rs40963109 rs40963700 rs40966569 rs40970076 rs40972049 rs40973274 rs40973906 rs40977393 rs40979246 rs40980569 rs40982655 rs40984678 rs40985270 rs40988394 rs40990712 rs40991497 rs40992536 rs40994961 rs40995146 rs40996229 rs40998023 rs40998664 rs40999173 rs40999393 rs41002746 rs41012763 rs41015580 rs41016620 rs41018368 rs41018597 rs41019402 rs41021452 rs41022548 rs41026339 rs41028442 rs41028589 rs41029103 rs41031953 rs41032160 rs41034626 rs41037772 rs41041071 rs41045603 rs41046251 rs41048235 rs41049717 rs41053005 rs41056806 rs41058575 rs41060419 rs41064862 rs41064865 rs41065081 rs41065320 rs41066281 rs41066285 rs41067043 rs41067609 rs41069619 rs41073956 rs41074106 rs41077112 rs41080957 rs41082654 rs41087241 rs41088579 rs41093470 rs41094134 rs41095560 rs41095968 rs41096079 rs41099782 rs41103459 rs41103728 rs41104383 rs41114358 rs41119777 rs41121490 rs41126221 rs41126870 rs41127859 rs41128373 rs41128932 rs41131272 rs41131583 rs41131683 rs41134329 rs41135762 rs41136562 rs41137664 rs41138626 rs41140318 rs41147330 rs41147523 rs41149054 rs41149773 rs41157798 rs41158361 rs41161308 rs41166008 rs41166346 rs41167131 rs41167520 rs41169722 rs41171918 rs41173747 rs41177281 rs41180325 rs41183254 rs41186079 rs41187186 rs41187611 rs41187925 rs41188305 rs41190561 rs41191269 rs41192566 rs41200131 rs41203099 rs41206450 rs41208513 rs41208692 rs41211589 rs41215590 rs41219561 rs41220438 rs41220913 rs41222907 rs41223413 rs41223732 rs41224171 rs41225980 rs41226174 rs41228434 rs41228965 rs41229494 rs41230705 rs41231153 rs41231420 rs41232440 rs41233654 rs41235006 rs41237959 rs41238449 rs41238988 rs41239383 rs41245078 rs41245193 rs41246603 rs41250777 rs40755847 rs41231394 rs40657792 rs41155804