Clone Name: CH73-198B17

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs179985822 rs179985823 rs179985824 rs179985825 rs179985826 rs179985827 rs179985828 rs179985829 rs179985830 rs179985831 rs179985832 rs179985833 rs179985834 rs179985835 rs179985836 rs179985837 rs179985838 rs179985839 rs179985840 rs179985841 rs179985842 rs179985843 rs179985844 rs179985845 rs179985846 rs179985847 rs179985848 rs179985849 rs179985850 rs179985851 rs179985852 rs179985853 rs179985854