Clone Name: CH211-173N18

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40765397 rs40945187 rs179441284 rs179441285 rs179441286 rs179441287 rs179441288 rs179441289 rs179441290 rs179441291 rs179441292 rs179441293 rs179441294 rs179441295 rs179441296 rs179441297 rs179441298 rs179441299 rs179441300 rs179441301 rs179441302 rs179441303 rs179441304 rs179441305 rs179441306 rs179441307 rs179441308 rs179441309 rs179441310 rs179441311 rs179441312 rs179441313 rs179441314 rs179441315 rs179441316 rs179441317 rs179441318 rs179441319 rs179441320 rs179441321 rs179441322 rs179441323 rs179441324 rs179441325 rs179441326 rs179441327 rs179441328 rs179441329 rs179441330 rs179441331 rs179441332 rs179441333 rs179441334 rs179441335 rs179441336 rs179441337 rs179441338 rs179441339 rs179441340 rs179441341 rs179441342 rs179441343 rs179441344 rs179441345 rs179441346 rs179441347 rs179441348 rs179441349 rs179441350 rs179441351 rs179441352 rs179441353 rs179441355 rs179441356 rs179441357 rs179441358 rs179441359 rs179441360 rs179441361 rs179441362 rs179441363 rs179441364 rs179441365 rs179441366 rs179441367 rs179441368 rs179441369 rs179441370 rs179441371 rs179441372 rs179441373 rs179441374 rs179441375 rs179441376 rs179441377 rs179441378 rs179441379 rs179441380 rs179441381 rs179441382 rs179441383 rs179441384 rs179441385 rs179441386 rs179441387 rs179441388 rs179441389 rs179441390 rs179441391 rs179441392 rs179441393 rs179441394 rs179441395 rs179441396 rs179441397 rs179441398 rs179441399 rs179441400 rs179441401 rs179441402 rs179441403 rs179441404 rs179441405 rs179441406 rs179441407 rs179441408 rs179441409 rs179441410 rs179441411 rs179441412 rs179441413 rs179441414 rs179441415 rs179441416 rs179441417 rs179441418 rs179441419 rs179441420 rs179441421 rs179441422 rs179441423 rs179441424 rs179441425 rs179441426 rs179441427 rs179441428 rs179441429 rs179441430 rs179441431 rs179441432 rs179441433 rs179441434 rs179441435 rs179441436 rs179441437 rs179441438 rs179441439 rs179441440 rs179441441 rs179441442 rs179441443 rs179441444 rs179441445 rs179441446 rs179441447 rs179441448 rs179441449 rs179441450 rs179441451 rs179441452 rs179441453 rs179441454 rs179441455 rs179441456 rs179441457 rs179441458 rs179441459 rs179441460 rs179441461 rs179441462