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General Information
Clone Name: DKEY-161P7

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/snp/archive.

rs3729273 rs3729274 rs40594833 rs40655875 rs40658186 rs40680208 rs40683778 rs40686252 rs40686532 rs40687596 rs40689762 rs40693604 rs40707248 rs40707695 rs40709253 rs40709539 rs40709924 rs40710167 rs40716645 rs40717014 rs40726099 rs40726498 rs40727071 rs40730267 rs40734946 rs40735128 rs40737268 rs40743793 rs40745168 rs40745247 rs40748505 rs40754353 rs40756071 rs40761969 rs40765909 rs40766628 rs40769755 rs40772790 rs40772995 rs40774450 rs40780850 rs40781368 rs40783679 rs40787676 rs40788542 rs40792366 rs40796599 rs40797715 rs40799925 rs40800254 rs40802774 rs40804349 rs40808502 rs40812112 rs40814174 rs40829291 rs40832905 rs40832980 rs40834770 rs40835588 rs40841978 rs40846484 rs40847587 rs40851167 rs40852426 rs40853873 rs40854349 rs40854386 rs40854682 rs40854910 rs40858223 rs40864771 rs40866461 rs40868267 rs40872266 rs40875155 rs40876170 rs40876182 rs40877757 rs40885251 rs40889738 rs40890617 rs40891113 rs40894888 rs40895213 rs40899192 rs40899851 rs40901549 rs40908336 rs40908422 rs40909179 rs40909532 rs40910082 rs40911915 rs40912755 rs40912922 rs40916840 rs40917106 rs40919640 rs40921222 rs40923149 rs40923905 rs40925049 rs40926691 rs40927908 rs40930867 rs40931904 rs40932365 rs40934090 rs40934380 rs40936625 rs40937514 rs40944090 rs40946018 rs40947106 rs40947388 rs40951273 rs40951467 rs40955167 rs40957301 rs40967154 rs40971889 rs40973251 rs40978213 rs40979198 rs40988092 rs40989461 rs40991019 rs40994210 rs40999467 rs41002200 rs41010394 rs41011491 rs41012286 rs41015209 rs41019616 rs41022888 rs41026155 rs41026245 rs41028841 rs41037993 rs41042019 rs41043629 rs41043973 rs41045507 rs41047616 rs41049382 rs41059065 rs41060186 rs41060216 rs41062387 rs41062744 rs41064276 rs41067893 rs41074636 rs41082064 rs41085593 rs41089397 rs41090050 rs41091845 rs41092183 rs41097331 rs41100271 rs41100511 rs41103985 rs41107052 rs41107196 rs41107937 rs41109658 rs41109686 rs41112096 rs41118083 rs41120372 rs41120531 rs41122535 rs41130483 rs41130872 rs41131365 rs41131694 rs41132238 rs41134565 rs41138958 rs41140816 rs41142046 rs41142979 rs41143062 rs41145700 rs41147136 rs41151787 rs41152183 rs41152467 rs41152679 rs41152762 rs41154995 rs41156328 rs41159148 rs41160932 rs41170402 rs41171590 rs41182278 rs41184387 rs41184803 rs41185510 rs41189074 rs41190141 rs41190654 rs41191526 rs41191980 rs41199146 rs41199981 rs41200479 rs41202040 rs41203996 rs41204033 rs41205194 rs41207204 rs41209583 rs41214112 rs41214951 rs41216453 rs41220333 rs41221970 rs41228245 rs41234604 rs41235743 rs41235926 rs41237296 rs41247414 rs41248710 rs41251289 rs41252142 rs179668359 rs179668363 rs179668371 rs179668372 rs179668373 rs179668374 rs179668376 rs179668381 rs179668385 rs179668386 rs179668387 rs179668388 rs179668389 rs179668390 rs179668391 rs179668395 rs179668396 rs179668398 rs179668401 rs179668404 rs179668405 rs179668406 rs179668408 rs179668410 rs179668411 rs179668413 rs179668414 rs179668415 rs179668417 rs179668418 rs179668421 rs179668423 rs179668424 rs179668425 rs179668427 rs179668433 rs179668435 rs179668436 rs179668438 rs179668442 rs179668444 rs179668446 rs179668447 rs179668448 rs179668449 rs179668451 rs179668452 rs179668456 rs179668459 rs179668461 rs179668465 rs179668469 rs179668470 rs179668472 rs179668478 rs179668480 rs179668481 rs179668482 rs179668486 rs179668490 rs179668494 rs179668495 rs179668496 rs179668497 rs179668500 rs179668502 rs179668503 rs179668504 rs179668505 rs179668506 rs179668507 rs179668511 rs179668512 rs179668513 rs179668519 rs179668520 rs179668522 rs179668523 rs179668525 rs179668529 rs179668532 rs179668535 rs179668536 rs179668538 rs179668540 rs179668541 rs179668543 rs179668548 rs179668551 rs179668552 rs179668559 rs179668560 rs179668561 rs179668567 rs179668570 rs179668571 rs179668572 rs179668573 rs179668574 rs179668575 rs179668577 rs179668578 rs179668580 rs179668581 rs179668584 rs179668587 rs179668588 rs179668589 rs179668594 rs179668596 rs179668598 rs179668599 rs179668601 rs179668603 rs179668606 rs179668609 rs179668613 rs179668616 rs179668619 rs179668620 rs179668621 rs179668622 rs179668623 rs179668626 rs179668627 rs179668629 rs179668630 rs179668633 rs179668634 rs179668636 rs179668637 rs179668638 rs179668639 rs179668643 rs179668645 rs179668646 rs179668651 rs179668654 rs179668658 rs179668659 rs179668661 rs179668662 rs179668666 rs179668667 rs179668671 rs179668676 rs179668677 rs179668681 rs179668682 rs179668685 rs179668690 rs179668692 rs179668693 rs179668694 rs179668695 rs179668696 rs179668697 rs179668700 rs179668704 rs179668708 rs179668710 rs179668711 rs179668716 rs179668718 rs179668719 rs179668720 rs179668724 rs179668725 rs179668726 rs179668728 rs179668729 rs179668735 rs179668736 rs179668737 rs179668738 rs179668739 rs179668740 rs179668741 rs179668743 rs179668746 rs179668747 rs179668750 rs179668751 rs179668752 rs179668754 rs179668755 rs179668756 rs179668757 rs179668758 rs179668759 rs179668761 rs179668763 rs179668764 rs179668765 rs179668766 rs179668767 rs179668770 rs179668771 rs179668772 rs179668774 rs179668776 rs179668780 rs179668781 rs179668783 rs179668784 rs179668785 rs179668787 rs179668788 rs179668789 rs179668791 rs179668792 rs179668793 rs179668797 rs179668798 rs179668799 rs179668800 rs179668802 rs179668803 rs179668806 rs179668808 rs179668809 rs179668810 rs179668811