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General Information
Clone Name: CH211-234B6

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/snp/archive.

rs40674495 rs40674496 rs40674497 rs40674498 rs40674499 rs40674500 rs40674501 rs40674502 rs40674503 rs40674944 rs40674945 rs40674946 rs40674947 rs40674948 rs40674949 rs40674950 rs40674951 rs40674952 rs40674953 rs40675424 rs40675425 rs40675426 rs40675427 rs40675428 rs40675429 rs40675430 rs40675431 rs40675432 rs40675433 rs40675884 rs40675885 rs40675886 rs40691611 rs40699633 rs40716178 rs40717004 rs40720368 rs40727262 rs40732819 rs40739251 rs40745497 rs40749395 rs40752683 rs40758757 rs40769922 rs40796486 rs40822748 rs40826204 rs40837128 rs40838416 rs40843751 rs40848065 rs40848325 rs40849842 rs40851646 rs40856546 rs40858736 rs40859681 rs40859829 rs40863495 rs40864751 rs40875764 rs40896280 rs40897063 rs40899407 rs40910689 rs40917456 rs40929969 rs40936827 rs40938748 rs40943156 rs40944009 rs40945326 rs40946647 rs40957580 rs40958950 rs40960295 rs40966171 rs40969677 rs40975009 rs40976207 rs40982906 rs40985121 rs40985697 rs40992582 rs40992784 rs40996856 rs40998601 rs41001443 rs41006043 rs41008232 rs41012164 rs41019115 rs41021957 rs41021978 rs41023274 rs41045899 rs41047351 rs41065063 rs41069154 rs41073852 rs41078219 rs41081852 rs41082907 rs41088939 rs41092279 rs41094462 rs41096845 rs41104780 rs41105504 rs41107561 rs41110801 rs41126039 rs41128201 rs41134722 rs41139723 rs41140468 rs41142710 rs41144337 rs41151884 rs41161830 rs41175347 rs41177475 rs41193080 rs41195089 rs41195911 rs41252134