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General Information
Clone Name: DKEY-192L18

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/snp/archive.

rs3729303 rs40607136 rs40607155 rs40629764 rs40629765 rs40652128 rs40659316 rs40668545 rs40674565 rs40674566 rs40674567 rs40674568 rs40674569 rs40674570 rs40674571 rs40674572 rs40674573 rs40675074 rs40675075 rs40675076 rs40675077 rs40675078 rs40675079 rs40675080 rs40675081 rs40675082 rs40675083 rs40675544 rs40675545 rs40675546 rs40675547 rs40675548 rs40675549 rs40675550 rs40675551 rs40675552 rs40675553 rs40675994 rs40675995 rs40675996 rs40675997 rs40675998 rs40675999 rs40676000 rs40676001 rs40676002 rs40676003 rs40676474 rs40676475 rs40676476 rs40676477 rs40676478 rs40676479 rs40676480 rs40676481 rs40676482 rs40676483 rs40676984 rs40676985 rs40676986 rs40676987 rs40676988 rs40676989 rs40676990 rs40676991 rs40676992 rs40676993 rs40679134 rs40680858 rs40681638 rs40685894 rs40686414 rs40686678 rs40687487 rs40689849 rs40690665 rs40691590 rs40691859 rs40693346 rs40693639 rs40694225 rs40696053 rs40698747 rs40699473 rs40703024 rs40704083 rs40705111 rs40705620 rs40712946 rs40713683 rs40713980 rs40714529 rs40716666 rs40717703 rs40719222 rs40721314 rs40726464 rs40727167 rs40727437 rs40730546 rs40731081 rs40731145 rs40732224 rs40732388 rs40734313 rs40734439 rs40737341 rs40740258 rs40740904 rs40741250 rs40741711 rs40742801 rs40743133 rs40743920 rs40748034 rs40748343 rs40748570 rs40752894 rs40753725 rs40754000 rs40756359 rs40759006 rs40760365 rs40764420 rs40764761 rs40764891 rs40766471 rs40766648 rs40773140 rs40773478 rs40774045 rs40777449 rs40778364 rs40782106 rs40783723 rs40785765 rs40788878 rs40789195 rs40789509 rs40789898 rs40790085 rs40790798 rs40791320 rs40791472 rs40793009 rs40795665 rs40798012 rs40798751 rs40799314 rs40800471 rs40800983 rs40804373 rs40806479 rs40809541 rs40811467 rs40812785 rs40815436 rs40815585 rs40816371 rs40816986 rs40818044 rs40818395 rs40818828 rs40819516 rs40819839 rs40820387 rs40821215 rs40821276 rs40824299 rs40825126 rs40825846 rs40827067 rs40827989 rs40828059 rs40830147 rs40830761 rs40831175 rs40831242 rs40833005 rs40833353 rs40834282 rs40842117 rs40843141 rs40844524 rs40845901 rs40846993 rs40848273 rs40848696 rs40848832 rs40849620 rs40850412 rs40852235 rs40852555 rs40853570 rs40853643 rs40855126 rs40861342 rs40864415 rs40865513 rs40865886 rs40866415 rs40866674 rs40868271 rs40868439 rs40870219 rs40870314 rs40870491 rs40871757 rs40879953 rs40880373 rs40881950 rs40883804 rs40884030 rs40885024 rs40886244 rs40886493 rs40887468 rs40889963 rs40890275 rs40893040 rs40894287 rs40895270 rs40896398 rs40897002 rs40898315 rs40898447 rs40899638 rs40901103 rs40902821 rs40903919 rs40907602 rs40908378 rs40911557 rs40911767 rs40913256 rs40915280 rs40916052 rs40916342 rs40917321 rs40917926 rs40918379 rs40919303 rs40920210 rs40923699 rs40923704 rs40924608 rs40926282 rs40928378 rs40928930 rs40935137 rs40935342 rs40935926 rs40940264 rs40940292 rs40942727 rs40943595 rs40944026 rs40944131 rs40945433 rs40947498 rs40950463 rs40954488 rs40954807 rs40955377 rs40957402 rs40958214 rs40959238 rs40965092 rs40965094 rs40971035 rs40974036 rs40974702 rs40975394 rs40976739 rs40978514 rs40978755 rs40979736 rs40982073 rs40982491 rs40983261 rs40983775 rs40984201 rs40985996 rs40986560 rs40986672 rs40987043 rs40989633 rs40990111 rs40992553 rs40996669 rs40997595 rs41002008 rs41002654 rs41010362 rs41010513 rs41010551 rs41011111 rs41011870 rs41013231 rs41013671 rs41013894 rs41014892 rs41016415 rs41018730 rs41019614 rs41019701 rs41023907 rs41024255 rs41026837 rs41027062 rs41029540 rs41030355 rs41030936 rs41032607 rs41032876 rs41035800 rs41037631 rs41037932 rs41039056 rs41040389 rs41040896 rs41041642 rs41041959 rs41042102 rs41043424 rs41045288 rs41048057 rs41048459 rs41048773 rs41050003 rs41050825 rs41051120 rs41052815 rs41053391 rs41053549 rs41054147 rs41054408 rs41054981 rs41056697 rs41057430 rs41058464 rs41058734 rs41059852 rs41061171 rs41062157 rs41062922 rs41065173 rs41067772 rs41068360 rs41068400 rs41072375 rs41073156 rs41073339 rs41074033 rs41075250 rs41075730 rs41075796 rs41075880 rs41079637 rs41079831 rs41081412 rs41081433 rs41082859 rs41083872 rs41086157 rs41088758 rs41089124 rs41089627 rs41090350 rs41090750 rs41092357 rs41094655 rs41096417 rs41096699 rs41102082 rs41103934 rs41104457 rs41106046 rs41108877 rs41109718 rs41110290 rs41111618 rs41112482 rs41113375 rs41114015 rs41118209 rs41123191 rs41123426 rs41129035 rs41129474 rs41131283 rs41131575 rs41132584 rs41134247 rs41139378 rs41139876 rs41140726 rs41140931 rs41143292 rs41143787 rs41145073 rs41145729 rs41154738 rs41155970 rs41156154 rs41158493 rs41159193 rs41159493 rs41160391 rs41160761 rs41160865 rs41161103 rs41162112 rs41162376 rs41166157 rs41169115 rs41169277 rs41170173 rs41170245 rs41170902 rs41172139 rs41172392 rs41173714 rs41174899 rs41175029 rs41177553 rs41177933 rs41179325 rs41179349 rs41182768 rs41183419 rs41185202 rs41186309 rs41186684 rs41187425 rs41189594 rs41189868 rs41190082 rs41193870 rs41194629 rs41195189 rs41196694 rs41197642 rs41198474 rs41198754 rs41198863 rs41199831 rs41205588 rs41205790 rs41206467 rs41209214 rs41209560 rs41210864 rs41211279 rs41212570 rs41213125 rs41214125 rs41215276 rs41215356 rs41215497 rs41217035 rs41217663 rs41221265 rs41221714 rs41222463 rs41222671 rs41222701 rs41223067 rs41228437 rs41228574 rs41239136 rs41242033 rs41243229 rs41244416 rs41248070 rs41248091 rs41248582 rs41250422 rs41250824 rs40661398