Clone Name: CH211-195M2

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40602457 rs40603790 rs40631390 rs40678758 rs40679032 rs40686610 rs40688119 rs40690593 rs40691671 rs40696299 rs40696862 rs40698270 rs40698984 rs40710780 rs40715240 rs40717464 rs40730112 rs40731664 rs40732226 rs40733823 rs40734307 rs40741748 rs40743481 rs40746436 rs40748494 rs40754683 rs40756210 rs40763518 rs40767488 rs40768084 rs40786847 rs40788231 rs40790800 rs40794566 rs40795941 rs40797497 rs40799847 rs40799887 rs40803239 rs40805585 rs40809167 rs40817941 rs40819125 rs40821576 rs40824601 rs40826793 rs40830225 rs40830271 rs40834344 rs40837919 rs40840849 rs40841106 rs40844538 rs40845104 rs40846374 rs40848203 rs40850493 rs40852025 rs40855355 rs40857671 rs40860418 rs40863301 rs40864227 rs40864883 rs40866959 rs40868234 rs40868393 rs40868476 rs40870773 rs40874635 rs40876977 rs40883240 rs40885976 rs40887047 rs40889289 rs40891788 rs40892847 rs40896800 rs40903981 rs40904832 rs40908238 rs40911764 rs40913672 rs40914274 rs40915417 rs40916083 rs40918952 rs40919132 rs40919951 rs40923228 rs40927744 rs40929725 rs40937445 rs40938272 rs40939266 rs40941439 rs40942853 rs40952048 rs40954922 rs40963842 rs40965043 rs40969278 rs40975808 rs40976061 rs40981677 rs40984365 rs40992340 rs40995640 rs40996111 rs41018179 rs41019304 rs41019426 rs41025660 rs41026261 rs41032286 rs41035909 rs41039157 rs41039680 rs41040842 rs41041216 rs41042507 rs41045237 rs41045447 rs41051919 rs41057374 rs41057438 rs41059240 rs41059834 rs41066054 rs41067988 rs41070849 rs41070856 rs41073015 rs41073829 rs41074394 rs41076354 rs41078128 rs41078608 rs41078698 rs41079356 rs41079409 rs41080064 rs41086468 rs41087491 rs41092561 rs41104343 rs41107557 rs41108240 rs41114388 rs41117578 rs41126585 rs41128768 rs41131436 rs41132248 rs41138173 rs41139080 rs41142084 rs41142560 rs41142631 rs41143143 rs41145297 rs41146228 rs41152407 rs41154285 rs41157985 rs41158150 rs41161951 rs41163812 rs41168674 rs41172293 rs41176398 rs41177010 rs41177970 rs41178689 rs41179757 rs41181730 rs41186793 rs41192705 rs41195469 rs41195679 rs41196961 rs41197755 rs41198427 rs41202039 rs41202406 rs41207431 rs41208718 rs41211989 rs41212965 rs41222722 rs41225188 rs41225681 rs41227353 rs41236939 rs41239459 rs41240608 rs41245799 rs41246975 rs41247810 rs41248989 rs41250435