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General Information
Clone Name: DKEY-29M11

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/snp/archive.

rs40592133 rs40592486 rs40592569 rs40592605 rs40592687 rs40592930 rs40592983 rs40593062 rs40593469 rs40593745 rs40593748 rs40593907 rs40595052 rs40595247 rs40595448 rs40595704 rs40595860 rs40595893 rs40595942 rs40596068 rs40597277 rs40597384 rs40597408 rs40597583 rs40597682 rs40597835 rs40598001 rs40598059 rs40598091 rs40598164 rs40598316 rs40598660 rs40598806 rs40599302 rs40599358 rs40599379 rs40599405 rs40599417 rs40599621 rs40599709 rs40599808 rs40599932 rs40600238 rs40600246 rs40600604 rs40600675 rs40600802 rs40600843 rs40600959 rs40601108 rs40601357 rs40601406 rs40601490 rs40601721 rs40601909 rs40601956 rs40602005 rs40602040 rs40602100 rs40602186 rs40602454 rs40602639 rs40602698 rs40602749 rs40603619 rs40603916 rs40604035 rs40604117 rs40604203 rs40604342 rs40604399 rs40604576 rs40604583 rs40604613 rs40604709 rs40605112 rs40605149 rs40605187 rs40605221 rs40605798 rs40605865 rs40605889 rs40606509 rs40606791 rs40606940 rs40607265 rs40607278 rs40607562 rs40607722 rs40607783 rs40607906 rs40607949 rs40608004 rs40608058 rs40608490 rs40608691 rs40608873 rs40609244 rs40609474 rs40610571 rs40610956 rs40611510 rs40612053 rs40612250 rs40612292 rs40612691 rs40613293 rs40613635 rs40613947 rs40614188 rs40614429 rs40614517 rs40614594 rs40614864 rs40614900 rs40615154 rs40615191 rs40615350 rs40615410 rs40615860 rs40616042 rs40616453 rs40616524 rs40616605 rs40616697 rs40616816 rs40616915 rs40617146 rs40617365 rs40617598 rs40617664 rs40618368 rs40618501 rs40618648 rs40619264 rs40619559 rs40619878 rs40620313 rs40620516 rs40620566 rs40620576 rs40620668 rs40620687 rs40620705 rs40620926 rs40620950 rs40621062 rs40621276 rs40621306 rs40621402 rs40621458 rs40621712 rs40621814 rs40622121 rs40622183 rs40622347 rs40622390 rs40622718 rs40623187 rs40623593 rs40623843 rs40624317 rs40625433 rs40625694 rs40625762 rs40626298 rs40626629 rs40626656 rs40626910 rs40627202 rs40627779 rs40627839 rs40627852 rs40627862 rs40627926 rs40628323 rs40628522 rs40653909 rs40664823 rs40665344 rs40665345 rs40665346 rs40665347 rs40665348 rs40665349 rs40665350 rs40665351 rs40665352 rs40665353 rs40665854 rs40665855 rs40665856 rs40665857 rs40665858 rs40665859 rs40665860 rs40665861 rs40665862 rs40665863 rs40666356 rs40666357 rs40666358 rs40666359 rs40666360 rs40666361 rs40666362 rs40666858 rs40666860 rs40666862 rs40667334 rs40667336 rs40668336 rs40668337 rs40668339 rs40668341 rs40668343 rs40668805 rs40668807 rs40668809 rs40668811 rs40669335 rs40669336 rs40669337 rs40669338 rs40669339 rs40669340 rs40669815 rs40669817 rs40669820 rs40670315 rs40670316 rs40670848 rs40670849 rs40683687 rs40685520 rs40689959 rs40697783 rs40745113 rs40746112 rs40761882 rs40767445 rs40771690 rs40779854 rs40780762 rs40787888 rs40791996 rs40799490 rs40803192 rs40805501 rs40816988 rs40830640 rs40834131 rs40851350 rs40863080 rs40873412 rs40875345 rs40882132 rs40888338 rs40891365 rs40898384 rs40911480 rs40952301 rs40960604 rs40963395 rs40968599 rs40971670 rs40972256 rs40975368 rs40976762 rs40987341 rs40991034 rs40992968 rs40997581 rs40999277 rs41005899 rs41028214 rs41060183 rs41073360 rs41080615 rs41089966 rs41090098 rs41090748 rs41091784 rs41098857 rs41108423 rs41112083 rs41116614 rs41128086 rs41133644 rs41136076 rs41143665 rs41154204 rs41165885 rs41168641 rs41170399 rs41180422 rs41185134 rs41195875 rs41202593 rs41205775 rs41209586 rs41213984 rs41215780 rs41218381 rs41219925 rs41237061 rs41240626 rs41243809 rs41244156 rs41252147 rs41019890