Clone Name: CH211-150O20

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40645208 rs40684183 rs40773976 rs40783803 rs40791341 rs40814531 rs40833270 rs40857380 rs40880323 rs40885987 rs40886433 rs40892697 rs40898705 rs40912591 rs40919982 rs40937094 rs40943002 rs40955157 rs40955354 rs40958683 rs40978983 rs40998946 rs40999471 rs41010137 rs41032250 rs41036795 rs41046196 rs41051081 rs41078107 rs41094279 rs41141793 rs41144611 rs41155513 rs41169281 rs41250358