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General Information
Clone Name: CH211-254C8

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/snp/archive.

rs40656698 rs40656699 rs40656700 rs40656701 rs40656702 rs40656703 rs40657184 rs40657185 rs40657186 rs40657187 rs40657188 rs40657189 rs40657190 rs40657191 rs40657192 rs40657193 rs40657694 rs40657695 rs40657696 rs40657697 rs40657698 rs40657699 rs40657700 rs40657701 rs40657702 rs40657703 rs40658048 rs40658174 rs40658175 rs40658176 rs40658177 rs40658178 rs40658179 rs40658180 rs40658181 rs40658182 rs40658183 rs40658694 rs40658695 rs40658696 rs40658697 rs40658698 rs40658699 rs40658700 rs40658701 rs40658702 rs40658703 rs40659164 rs40659165 rs40659166 rs40659167 rs40659168 rs40659169 rs40659170 rs40659171 rs40659172 rs40659173 rs40659674 rs40659675 rs40659676 rs40659677 rs40659678 rs40659679 rs40659680 rs40659681 rs40659682 rs40659683 rs40660174 rs40660175 rs40660176 rs40660177 rs40660178 rs40660179 rs40660180 rs40660181 rs40660182 rs40660183 rs40660684 rs40660685 rs40660686 rs40660687 rs40660688 rs40660689 rs40660690 rs40660691 rs40660692 rs40660693 rs40661204 rs40661205 rs40661206 rs40661207 rs40661208 rs40661209 rs40661210 rs40661211 rs40661212 rs40661684 rs40661685 rs40661686 rs40661687 rs40661688 rs40661689 rs40661690 rs40661691 rs40661692 rs40661693 rs40662184 rs40662185 rs40662186 rs40662187 rs40662188 rs40662189 rs40662190 rs40662191 rs40662192 rs40662193 rs40662694 rs40662695 rs40662696 rs40662697 rs40662699 rs40662700 rs40662701 rs40662702 rs40663174 rs40663175 rs40663177 rs40663178 rs40663179 rs40663182 rs40663183 rs40663666 rs40663667 rs40663669 rs40663670 rs40679935 rs40682364 rs40684710 rs40687716 rs40687745 rs40688117 rs40690426 rs40691007 rs40692037 rs40693312 rs40696568 rs40698550 rs40699724 rs40703375 rs40703594 rs40704013 rs40704680 rs40709465 rs40713222 rs40716047 rs40716664 rs40721925 rs40722318 rs40725772 rs40727087 rs40728984 rs40729711 rs40732347 rs40739733 rs40745586 rs40753363 rs40753990 rs40755305 rs40761012 rs40763848 rs40764879 rs40765131 rs40767112 rs40767223 rs40768008 rs40769483 rs40770984 rs40771395 rs40774591 rs40776888 rs40778048 rs40781175 rs40781262 rs40783815 rs40785309 rs40786735 rs40787406 rs40792602 rs40801834 rs40803705 rs40807382 rs40808782 rs40808905 rs40823258 rs40827872 rs40832896 rs40834605 rs40838940 rs40839170 rs40842787 rs40852547 rs40852974 rs40854116 rs40860294 rs40862938 rs40864444 rs40866359 rs40866868 rs40868823 rs40869338 rs40871606 rs40879521 rs40884234 rs40889521 rs40889704 rs40889925 rs40891133 rs40893071 rs40894160 rs40894336 rs40894661 rs40895913 rs40896137 rs40897324 rs40897500 rs40899750 rs40899752 rs40903439 rs40909117 rs40912361 rs40913904 rs40914382 rs40919074 rs40921103 rs40922187 rs40922640 rs40923550 rs40924387 rs40931906 rs40932512 rs40933572 rs40933612 rs40933911 rs40935391 rs40937284 rs40937328 rs40940115 rs40943337 rs40949745 rs40950300 rs40956512 rs40956617 rs40957118 rs40957591 rs40961228 rs40962072 rs40963941 rs40965769 rs40965780 rs40966839 rs40967174 rs40968839 rs40970384 rs40970986 rs40973109 rs40974833 rs40976414 rs40977082 rs40981026 rs40984594 rs40985852 rs40987342 rs40987761 rs40993007 rs40994496 rs40995700 rs40996433 rs41000547 rs41000673 rs41001180 rs41003075 rs41005784 rs41006037 rs41008952 rs41009363 rs41013390 rs41014293 rs41017744 rs41019126 rs41020674 rs41023159 rs41026955 rs41029101 rs41029294 rs41029853 rs41036309 rs41037044 rs41038100 rs41039828 rs41040426 rs41040604 rs41041104 rs41048964 rs41049728 rs41050134 rs41051701 rs41052331 rs41053172 rs41055573 rs41059294 rs41060889 rs41065236 rs41068600 rs41069224 rs41071993 rs41074564 rs41076375 rs41081261 rs41082883 rs41082909 rs41083616 rs41083714 rs41085440 rs41087383 rs41087707 rs41093325 rs41094045 rs41094834 rs41096018 rs41096513 rs41098092 rs41098755 rs41102489 rs41103314 rs41103791 rs41105821 rs41109117 rs41114871 rs41115741 rs41115846 rs41125642 rs41126200 rs41127257 rs41128709 rs41128750 rs41129930 rs41130665 rs41132613 rs41135666 rs41138388 rs41138638 rs41140076 rs41145119 rs41145581 rs41152519 rs41153293 rs41156632 rs41158612 rs41159841 rs41160403 rs41161896 rs41174953 rs41185736 rs41191125 rs41196829 rs41197250 rs41201818 rs41205856 rs41207410 rs41214521 rs41216085 rs41218456 rs41221378 rs41223598 rs41224272 rs41227933 rs41228074 rs41238416 rs41238775 rs41240169 rs41240735 rs41245477 rs41245816 rs41252553 rs40973774 rs179404340 rs179404341 rs179404342 rs179404343 rs179404344 rs179404345 rs179404346 rs179404347 rs179404348 rs179404349 rs179404350 rs179404351 rs179404352 rs179404353 rs179404354 rs179404355 rs179404356 rs179404357 rs179404358 rs179404359 rs179404360 rs179404361 rs179404362 rs179404363 rs179404364 rs179404365 rs179404366 rs179404367 rs179404368 rs179404369 rs179404370 rs179404371 rs179404372 rs179404373 rs179404374 rs179404375 rs179404376 rs179404377 rs179404378 rs179404379 rs179404380 rs179404381 rs179404382 rs179404383 rs179404384 rs179404385 rs179404386 rs179404387 rs179404388 rs179404389 rs179404390 rs179404391 rs179404392 rs179404393 rs179404394 rs179404395 rs179404396 rs179404397 rs179404398 rs179404399 rs179404400 rs179404401 rs179404402 rs179404403 rs179404404 rs179404405 rs179404406 rs179404407 rs179404408 rs179404409 rs179404410 rs179404411 rs179404412 rs179404413 rs179404414 rs179404415 rs179404416 rs179404417 rs179404418 rs179404419 rs179404420 rs179404421 rs179404422 rs179404423 rs179404424 rs179404425 rs179404426 rs179404427 rs179404428 rs179404429 rs179404430 rs179404431 rs179404432 rs179404433 rs179404434 rs179404435 rs179404436 rs179404437 rs179404438 rs179404439 rs179404440 rs179404441 rs179404442 rs179404443 rs179404444 rs179404445 rs179404446 rs179404447 rs179404448 rs179404449 rs179404450 rs179404451 rs179404452 rs179404453 rs179404454 rs179404455 rs179404456 rs179404457 rs179404458 rs179404459 rs179404460 rs179404461 rs179404462 rs179404463 rs179404464 rs179404465 rs179404466 rs179404467 rs179404468 rs179404469 rs179404470 rs179404471 rs179404472