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General Information
Clone Name: DKEY-7O6

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/snp/archive.

rs40638155 rs40638157 rs40639281 rs40639282 rs40651624 rs40662757 rs40670526 rs40673601 rs40677136 rs40677584 rs40677585 rs40677967 rs40677968 rs40677970 rs40677971 rs40677972 rs40677973 rs40678029 rs40678424 rs40678425 rs40678426 rs40678427 rs40680978 rs40681684 rs40683674 rs40690323 rs40692239 rs40692754 rs40695372 rs40697260 rs40697762 rs40699220 rs40700119 rs40700629 rs40701264 rs40703541 rs40703829 rs40704116 rs40706736 rs40708867 rs40711147 rs40711623 rs40712067 rs40712306 rs40714390 rs40714665 rs40719607 rs40720591 rs40720879 rs40722405 rs40723997 rs40728766 rs40732829 rs40733843 rs40735050 rs40739133 rs40741090 rs40745154 rs40745960 rs40746386 rs40746897 rs40747040 rs40748328 rs40748876 rs40749145 rs40755049 rs40755190 rs40757735 rs40759362 rs40759748 rs40759932 rs40760395 rs40762707 rs40762821 rs40763502 rs40764072 rs40773621 rs40774758 rs40775072 rs40778265 rs40779162 rs40779591 rs40779736 rs40780911 rs40783040 rs40783084 rs40784939 rs40786400 rs40786581 rs40789240 rs40793789 rs40796278 rs40797678 rs40798555 rs40798814 rs40800376 rs40805576 rs40808103 rs40810153 rs40811657 rs40812938 rs40812949 rs40816074 rs40817246 rs40817273 rs40817882 rs40817899 rs40820902 rs40821203 rs40821880 rs40822247 rs40822688 rs40824232 rs40824607 rs40825624 rs40827271 rs40828002 rs40828986 rs40829074 rs40832940 rs40835080 rs40835525 rs40835547 rs40836186 rs40836946 rs40839431 rs40840132 rs40840938 rs40841344 rs40842635 rs40842716 rs40842913 rs40843211 rs40845866 rs40846300 rs40846860 rs40846957 rs40852164 rs40854390 rs40854868 rs40855479 rs40855827 rs40856321 rs40856899 rs40859398 rs40860104 rs40861252 rs40862676 rs40863800 rs40865423 rs40867750 rs40870371 rs40871365 rs40871566 rs40873097 rs40874770 rs40875394 rs40876447 rs40876575 rs40877407 rs40883224 rs40883705 rs40888034 rs40888548 rs40889238 rs40890849 rs40892153 rs40893665 rs40896063 rs40899356 rs40900046 rs40900968 rs40902327 rs40904173 rs40904558 rs40905764 rs40905921 rs40907737 rs40908413 rs40909949 rs40910114 rs40911156 rs40911296 rs40913304 rs40915556 rs40921793 rs40928515 rs40929133 rs40929396 rs40942306 rs40942617 rs40943250 rs40945507 rs40946188 rs40954147 rs40955296 rs40958163 rs40962003 rs40962211 rs40965159 rs40966205 rs40968843 rs40969010 rs40971874 rs40972557 rs40974105 rs40974279 rs40976457 rs40977286 rs40980967 rs40981432 rs40982080 rs40985925 rs40986949 rs40988057 rs40988659 rs40991779 rs40992780 rs40994365 rs40999821 rs41000601 rs41000826 rs41001387 rs41001532 rs41003718 rs41003771 rs41004209 rs41004513 rs41005380 rs41006829 rs41008874 rs41011970 rs41012413 rs41016651 rs41017607 rs41021889 rs41022210 rs41024554 rs41028705 rs41029376 rs41030318 rs41031957 rs41032887 rs41034077 rs41035476 rs41039240 rs41042567 rs41043316 rs41045617 rs41046089 rs41046443 rs41046642 rs41047359 rs41049417 rs41049904 rs41050311 rs41051264 rs41051501 rs41052446 rs41053446 rs41054690 rs41054947 rs41055065 rs41056639 rs41057717 rs41057813 rs41058402 rs41059186 rs41060345 rs41060736 rs41063424 rs41064406 rs41067007 rs41067602 rs41078285 rs41079015 rs41080306 rs41081956 rs41082385 rs41083881 rs41084233 rs41084378 rs41084757 rs41088216 rs41089471 rs41089605 rs41090717 rs41090986 rs41092344 rs41094007 rs41095032 rs41095492 rs41095517 rs41096736 rs41097416 rs41097450 rs41097576 rs41102253 rs41104351 rs41106390 rs41108254 rs41109270 rs41112588 rs41112620 rs41113184 rs41116842 rs41120539 rs41122114 rs41122803 rs41122897 rs41123135 rs41123348 rs41124210 rs41124635 rs41130584 rs41131215 rs41132410 rs41134706 rs41136059 rs41136807 rs41136915 rs41138190 rs41138461 rs41138977 rs41141256 rs41141867 rs41141894 rs41142002 rs41144205 rs41145080 rs41145809 rs41146391 rs41150134 rs41152656 rs41153045 rs41156924 rs41157098 rs41157541 rs41159307 rs41159474 rs41162816 rs41164092 rs41165076 rs41166938 rs41168771 rs41169981 rs41170457 rs41171524 rs41172842 rs41172886 rs41173560 rs41176770 rs41177031 rs41178147 rs41178984 rs41183738 rs41185137 rs41187197 rs41187822 rs41188567 rs41190129 rs41192351 rs41194058 rs41196532 rs41197385 rs41198208 rs41198628 rs41201610 rs41202281 rs41204079 rs41204608 rs41205071 rs41207973 rs41210204 rs41211108 rs41214358 rs41215427 rs41216119 rs41216879 rs41219205 rs41227008 rs41228710 rs41232247 rs41235095 rs41236520 rs41238008 rs41238896 rs41240107 rs41242058 rs41245938 rs41247536 rs41249210 rs40772470 rs40822797 rs40842649 rs41111740 rs40734122 rs40777635 rs40850280 rs40864255 rs40898321 rs41022546 rs41066988