Clone Name: CH211-282J17

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40668918 rs40668920 rs40668922 rs40668923 rs40669444 rs40669445 rs40694190 rs40717066 rs40736492 rs40770160 rs40786179 rs40799064 rs40863423 rs40899485 rs40938212 rs40962467 rs41053351 rs41108600 rs41147576 rs41162072 rs40642029 rs40714485 rs40726511 rs40752104 rs40790604 rs40932099 rs40934283 rs40969110 rs40969366 rs41009178 rs41027696 rs41051016 rs41101328 rs41109163 rs41176795 rs41219946 rs41223768 rs179617079 rs179617080 rs179617081 rs179617082 rs179617083 rs179617084 rs179617085 rs179617086 rs179617087 rs179617088 rs179617089 rs179617090 rs179617091 rs179617092 rs179617093 rs179617094 rs179617095 rs179617096 rs179617097 rs179617098 rs179617099 rs179617100 rs179617101 rs179617102 rs179617103 rs179617104 rs179617105 rs179617106 rs179617107 rs179617108 rs179617109 rs179617110 rs179617111 rs179617112 rs179617113 rs179617114 rs179617115 rs179617116 rs179617117 rs179617118 rs179617119 rs179617120 rs179617121 rs179617122 rs179617123 rs179617124 rs179617125 rs179617126 rs179617127 rs179617128 rs179617129 rs179617130 rs179617131 rs179617132 rs179617133 rs179617134 rs179617135 rs179617136 rs179617137 rs179617138 rs179617139 rs179617140 rs179617141 rs179617142 rs179617143 rs179617144 rs179617145 rs179617146 rs179617147 rs179617148 rs179617149 rs179617150 rs179617151 rs179617152 rs179617153 rs179617154 rs179617155 rs179617156 rs179617157 rs179617158 rs179617159 rs179617160 rs179617161 rs179617162 rs179617163 rs179617164 rs179617165 rs179617166 rs179617167 rs179617168 rs179617169 rs179617170 rs179617171 rs179617172 rs179617173 rs179617174 rs179617175 rs179617176 rs179617177 rs179617178 rs179617179 rs179617180 rs179617181 rs179617182 rs179617183 rs179617184 rs179617185 rs179617186 rs179617187 rs179617188 rs179617189 rs179617190 rs179617191 rs179617192 rs179617193 rs179617194 rs179617195 rs179617196 rs179617197 rs179617198 rs179617199 rs179617200 rs179617201 rs179617202 rs179617203 rs179617204 rs179617205 rs179617206 rs179617207 rs179617208 rs179617209 rs179617210 rs179617211 rs179617212 rs179617213 rs179617214 rs179617215 rs179617216 rs179617217 rs179617218 rs179617219 rs179617220 rs179617221 rs179617222 rs179617223 rs179617224 rs179617225 rs179617226 rs179617227 rs179617228 rs179617229 rs179617230 rs179617231 rs179617232 rs179617233 rs179617234 rs179617235 rs179617236 rs179617237 rs179617238 rs179617239 rs179617240 rs179617241 rs179617242 rs179617243