Clone Name: CH211-112M17

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40641719 rs40648347 rs40653403 rs40656621 rs40662280 rs40677378 rs40679385 rs40681914 rs40689007 rs40692767 rs40693566 rs40695246 rs40695699 rs40700980 rs40701868 rs40704065 rs40704114 rs40704579 rs40704813 rs40707600 rs40708684 rs40710796 rs40710902 rs40712611 rs40713027 rs40713832 rs40717912 rs40718916 rs40726344 rs40730084 rs40731101 rs40732678 rs40733433 rs40734666 rs40736464 rs40736871 rs40737649 rs40737744 rs40739889 rs40741595 rs40742713 rs40743474 rs40744109 rs40748562 rs40749546 rs40752527 rs40753771 rs40755582 rs40757134 rs40757864 rs40759491 rs40762438 rs40764633 rs40768348 rs40769616 rs40773452 rs40773588 rs40774526 rs40775464 rs40776040 rs40776364 rs40778145 rs40783508 rs40784368 rs40785963 rs40786032 rs40791338 rs40800033 rs40801564 rs40802536 rs40804029 rs40805884 rs40806709 rs40806778 rs40807046 rs40808356 rs40808405 rs40810766 rs40811276 rs40815674 rs40823873 rs40824664 rs40829022 rs40830686 rs40832349 rs40833116 rs40833214 rs40834523 rs40834735 rs40834831 rs40835150 rs40841798 rs40848105 rs40849102 rs40850026 rs40851090 rs40856101 rs40856714 rs40858400 rs40860766 rs40863844 rs40864115 rs40867170 rs40868418 rs40869512 rs40869856 rs40870084 rs40877682 rs40878872 rs40881664 rs40881877 rs40889049 rs40889439 rs40890066 rs40890729 rs40891464 rs40892541 rs40894157 rs40895046 rs40896062 rs40900237 rs40900414 rs40900699 rs40901804 rs40903115 rs40905067 rs40907416 rs40908826 rs40908989 rs40910483 rs40912319 rs40916230 rs40917176 rs40917449 rs40917787 rs40919191 rs40919295 rs40924045 rs40926044 rs40926181 rs40927521 rs40928219 rs40928922 rs40935680 rs40936596 rs40937220 rs40942067 rs40943195 rs40946180 rs40946846 rs40948969 rs40951856 rs40954277 rs40956659 rs40957214 rs40957929 rs40958103 rs40959383 rs40960363 rs40960576 rs40960578 rs40966952 rs40968316 rs40969882 rs40980754 rs40981539 rs40982739 rs40984637 rs40985975 rs40986478 rs40988392 rs40993912 rs40995786 rs41002234 rs41003455 rs41004170 rs41005213 rs41008377 rs41008526 rs41008673 rs41009216 rs41012142 rs41015026 rs41018449 rs41021700 rs41023974 rs41024021 rs41031725 rs41036388 rs41037157 rs41039131 rs41040120 rs41040843 rs41042307 rs41048968 rs41052406 rs41053125 rs41053517 rs41056502 rs41056794 rs41060801 rs41061647 rs41062762 rs41065708 rs41066225 rs41066655 rs41066770 rs41066874 rs41069200 rs41069369 rs41071192 rs41073658 rs41075088 rs41075260 rs41075509 rs41077753 rs41080457 rs41082213 rs41084991 rs41085391 rs41087016 rs41093597 rs41094167 rs41095532 rs41096619 rs41097519 rs41097987 rs41099747 rs41099924 rs41101274 rs41104611 rs41105427 rs41106576 rs41109518 rs41111919 rs41113803 rs41114038 rs41118286 rs41118474 rs41118562 rs41119310 rs41119508 rs41119579 rs41125556 rs41126990 rs41128147 rs41130976 rs41135184 rs41137607 rs41139249 rs41143848 rs41145851 rs41147659 rs41150674 rs41151149 rs41153306 rs41153928 rs41153969 rs41154011 rs41156044 rs41157639 rs41158774 rs41161814 rs41162751 rs41163872 rs41164801 rs41165948 rs41169541 rs41169594 rs41171903 rs41176130 rs41177107 rs41178293 rs41178601 rs41180037 rs41181236 rs41181994 rs41182568 rs41183882 rs41186721 rs41190690 rs41191204 rs41191758 rs41194831 rs41196895 rs41198938 rs41201798 rs41208489 rs41216599 rs41222133 rs41224251 rs41225063 rs41225937 rs41226408 rs41234580 rs41235539 rs41237277 rs41238068 rs41240673 rs41241184 rs41244056 rs41244816 rs41245686 rs41249923