Clone Name: RP71-30I22

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40609460 rs40633029 rs40656007 rs40670665 rs40686989 rs40688721 rs40693475 rs40695035 rs40695459 rs40698369 rs40700107 rs40700835 rs40715715 rs40720901 rs40726360 rs40727361 rs40729560 rs40741675 rs40752444 rs40753347 rs40754624 rs40759063 rs40759408 rs40760039 rs40761373 rs40765175 rs40765414 rs40772046 rs40776719 rs40776825 rs40781821 rs40783724 rs40791156 rs40792744 rs40793436 rs40798790 rs40798907 rs40802037 rs40816890 rs40820959 rs40821024 rs40823706 rs40823766 rs40827749 rs40833534 rs40834918 rs40835881 rs40836502 rs40838966 rs40839519 rs40842472 rs40845796 rs40846473 rs40853586 rs40855021 rs40856154 rs40868524 rs40871331 rs40874593 rs40875459 rs40877013 rs40878943 rs40879838 rs40880248 rs40882329 rs40887181 rs40888510 rs40893489 rs40894979 rs40898020 rs40909421 rs40909679 rs40914238 rs40920999 rs40922113 rs40924078 rs40924810 rs40925113 rs40925986 rs40929206 rs40930360 rs40931357 rs40934245 rs40935291 rs40937831 rs40937855 rs40940693 rs40943104 rs40945648 rs40947637 rs40950027 rs40953157 rs40954211 rs40956570 rs40956745 rs40964006 rs40965270 rs40966659 rs40967344 rs40969247 rs40971434 rs40972712 rs40976663 rs40979437 rs40980561 rs40988631 rs40989472 rs40992088 rs40994358 rs40996271 rs41002022 rs41006006 rs41006903 rs41010384 rs41014118 rs41020867 rs41026398 rs41026801 rs41033250 rs41038014 rs41040470 rs41042646 rs41045266 rs41045996 rs41048127 rs41048510 rs41050483 rs41051580 rs41053859 rs41053985 rs41054776 rs41063912 rs41068226 rs41071003 rs41074032 rs41074787 rs41077502 rs41077527 rs41078724 rs41079640 rs41083588 rs41089506 rs41092219 rs41095558 rs41096112 rs41102040 rs41107653 rs41110035 rs41112841 rs41115549 rs41117860 rs41125999 rs41130832 rs41133827 rs41145908 rs41147700 rs41148138 rs41151708 rs41156726 rs41162646 rs41165763 rs41166926 rs41168627 rs41170207 rs41174437 rs41176175 rs41177380 rs41180044 rs41181265 rs41182419 rs41183871 rs41186502 rs41193162 rs41193371 rs41194127 rs41196206 rs41202891 rs41204490 rs41204546 rs41205324 rs41208964 rs41214166 rs41214193 rs41216260 rs41216398 rs41222647 rs41223543 rs41226604 rs41227307 rs41228077 rs41231793 rs41235078 rs41241551 rs41246505 rs41250028 rs41250638 rs40685534 rs40775703 rs40782290 rs40805665 rs40923991 rs40949271 rs40969339 rs41055922 rs41064884 rs41099416 rs41101329 rs41128677 rs41138304 rs41164896 rs41195781 rs41214974 rs41240382 rs41240914 rs41241739