Panel Name: Goodfellow T51 (T51)
Description: This WGRH panel was constructed by fusing irradiated zebrafish cells with rodent cells. AB9, a diploid fibroblast-like cell line derived from fin amputation of zebrafish was chosen as the donor cell line. These cells were fused with Wg3H, a hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase deficient (HPRT-) hamster cell line.
Panel Producer: Kwok, Cheni
Panel Type: Radiation Hybrid
Current source of
genetic material for mapping:
Research Genetics, Inc.
Most Recent Update: Jun 10, 2003
Radiation Dose: 3000 rads
Markers Chromosome
Marker Type Count
BAC_END 3,972
EST 5,956
GENE 316
SNP 411
SSLP 2,396
STS 2,348
Total 15,399
Chromsome Marker Type (# on Chr.) Scoring
1 BAC_END(181) EST(271) GENE(18) SNP(38) SSLP(133) STS(112) Data
2 BAC_END(171) EST(306) GENE(21) SNP(23) SSLP(93) STS(131) Data
3 BAC_END(147) EST(306) GENE(10) SNP(9) SSLP(85) STS(90) Data
4 BAC_END(116) EST(149) GENE(6) SNP(9) SSLP(68) STS(38) Data
5 BAC_END(230) EST(357) GENE(21) SNP(23) SSLP(134) STS(156) Data
6 BAC_END(150) EST(198) GENE(10) SNP(10) SSLP(106) STS(98) Data
7 BAC_END(221) EST(286) GENE(12) SNP(7) SSLP(127) STS(144) Data
8 BAC_END(136) EST(219) GENE(8) SNP(14) SSLP(80) STS(78) Data
9 BAC_END(143) EST(243) GENE(18) SNP(11) SSLP(102) STS(94) Data
10 BAC_END(159) EST(206) GENE(5) SNP(17) SSLP(68) STS(87) Data
11 BAC_END(148) EST(190) GENE(11) SNP(15) SSLP(68) STS(80) Data
12 BAC_END(164) EST(194) GENE(14) SNP(3) SSLP(104) STS(68) Data
13 BAC_END(161) EST(240) GENE(14) SNP(14) SSLP(103) STS(130) Data
14 BAC_END(255) EST(264) GENE(21) SNP(14) SSLP(132) STS(156) Data
15 BAC_END(146) EST(212) GENE(10) SNP(15) SSLP(89) STS(86) Data
16 BAC_END(156) EST(291) GENE(14) SNP(44) SSLP(116) STS(79) Data
17 BAC_END(166) EST(226) GENE(14) SNP(13) SSLP(110) STS(79) Data
18 BAC_END(154) EST(210) GENE(12) SNP(20) SSLP(96) STS(59) Data
19 BAC_END(142) EST(284) GENE(18) SNP(27) SSLP(90) STS(91) Data
20 BAC_END(162) EST(297) GENE(11) SNP(13) SSLP(105) STS(128) Data
21 BAC_END(143) EST(218) GENE(12) SNP(22) SSLP(95) STS(81) Data
22 BAC_END(115) EST(212) GENE(5) SNP(18) SSLP(64) STS(65) Data
23 BAC_END(166) EST(259) GENE(15) SNP(10) SSLP(74) STS(112) Data
24 BAC_END(141) EST(185) GENE(7) SNP(17) SSLP(89) STS(58) Data
25 BAC_END(99) EST(133) GENE(9) SNP(5) SSLP(65) STS(48) Data
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