Figures for Parichy et al., 2009

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Fig. 13 Late caudal fin development and pigment pattern formation. Shown is a single individual (standard length [SL] at lower left of each panel). An initially rounded fin gradually develops a middle cleft with longer lobes dorsally and ventrally. Emergence of the fin pigment pattern proceeds from an initially uniform field of melanophores, to the development of interspersed xanthophores, and subsequent segregation into the definitive adult stripes (see text for details). Arrow in 10.1: transiently disjunct melanophore stripes on body and fin. 1V, adult ventral primary melanophore on body. M1, first arising caudal fin melanophore stripe; M2d, M2v, second arising dorsal and ventral caudal fin melanophore stripes; X1d, X1v, first arising caudal fin xanthophore interstripes. Images shown are at decreasing magnifications. Scale bars = 6.1 and 34.8, 0.5 mm.

Figure Data:
Anatomy Term: caudal fin
Developmental Stage:
Days 30-44 to Adult
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