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Figures for Isogai et al., 2001

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Fig. 6 Circulation in the developing zebrafish at approximately 3–3.5 days postfertilization (dpf). (A) Angiogram of a developing zebrafish at approximately 3.5 dpf, compiled from four separate reconstructions pasted together. Lateral view, labeled. (B) Schematic diagram illustrating how the aortic arches feed into the ventral cranial arterial circulation, prepared from a Berlin-blue dye-injected 3.5 dpf specimen. Note that the caudal two aortic arches (AA5 and AA6) empty into a separate branch of the lateral dorsal aorta. (C) Diagram showing the renal vascular plexus and associated vessels that feed and drain the liver, at 3.5 dpf. (D) Angiogram of the head of a developing zebrafish at approximately 3 dpf. Ventral–lateral view. (E) Diagram of vessels in (D). Only the aortic arches, associated arterial vessels, and a few of the major venous vessels seen in (C) are depicted in the diagram. Note the appearance of the HA, and elongated VA, and vascular sprouts appearing on AA3–AA6. (F) Diagram showing the anterior mesenteric artery and its branches in the ventral cranial trunk at 3 dpf, prepared from a Berlin-blue dye-injected 3.5 dpf specimen. All panels are oriented with rostral to the left, and all lateral views are from the left side except for (F), which is a right-side view with rostral to the right. A glossary of the names corresponding to all labeled vessels is provided in Table 1.

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