ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENO-180522-1
Genotype: unm_ia2ia2Tg/+; unm_ia2Df(Chr01:timm10,rtn4rl2a,p2rx3b,pkd2,slc27a1b)ia2a/+
Background: Unspecified
Affected Genomic Regions: p2rx3bpkd2rtn4rl2aslc27a1btimm10unm_ia2
Current Source: No data available
Astone et al (2015) reported that the ia2 insertion (ia2Tg, ZDB-ALT-070215-3) was associated with a deletion of 15.2 Mb in the telomeric portion of chromosome 1 (ia2a, ZDB-ALT-180521-8). These two features would be co-inherited.  (1)
Genomic Feature Construct Lab of Origin Zygosity Parental Zygosity
Df(Chr01:timm10,rtn4rl2a,p2rx3b,pkd2,slc27a1b)ia2a Argenton Lab heterozygous Unknown
ia2Tg Tg(-8.5nkx2.2a:GFP) Argenton Lab heterozygous Unknown
FISH UTILIZING unm_ia2ia2Tg/+; unm_ia2Df(Chr01:timm10,rtn4rl2a,p2rx3b,pkd2,slc27a1b)ia2a/+
Fish Affected Genomic Regions Phenotype Gene Expression
unm_ia2ia2Tg/+; unm_ia2Df(Chr01:timm10,rtn4rl2a,p2rx3b,pkd2,slc27a1b)ia2a/+ p2rx3b, pkd2, rtn4rl2a, slc27a1b, timm10, unm_ia2 3 figures with image from Astone et al., 2015 Fig. 1 with image from Astone et al., 2015