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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENO-170608-8
Genotype: mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg
Background: Unspecified
Affected Genomic Regions: mitfampv17
Current Source: No data available
Genomic Feature Construct Lab of Origin Zygosity Parental Zygosity
a9 Dowling Lab homozygous Unknown
mi1001Tg Tg(nphs2:Eco.NfsB-mCherry) Zebrafish Lab for Pediatric Nephrology unknown Unknown
w2 David Raible Lab homozygous Unknown
y1Tg Tg(fli1a:EGFP) Weinstein Lab unknown Unknown
FISH UTILIZING mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg
Fish Affected Genomic Regions Phenotype Gene Expression
mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17 Fig. 2 with image from Siegerist et al., 2017 Fig. 2 with image from Siegerist et al., 2017