ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENO-170523-7
Genotype: bns103Tg; s939Tg; sd11Tg
Background: Unspecified
Affected Genomic Region:
Current Source: No data available
Genomic Feature Construct Lab of Origin Zygosity Parental Zygosity
bns103Tg Tg(myl7:EGFP-podxl) Stainier Lab unknown Unknown
s939Tg Tg(EPV.Tp1-Mmu.Hbb:hist2h2l-mCherry) Stainier Lab unknown Unknown
sd11Tg Tg(myl7:MKATE-CAAX) Yelon Lab unknown Unknown
FISH UTILIZING bns103Tg; s939Tg; sd11Tg
Fish Affected Genomic Regions Phenotype Gene Expression
bns103Tg; s939Tg; sd11Tg 2 figures with image from Jiménez-Amilburu et al., 2016