ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENO-161213-12
Genotype: slc45a2b4/b4 ; kg302Tg ; kg1Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2
Background: Unspecified
Affected Genomic Regions: mitfampv17slc45a2
Current Source: No data available
Genomic Feature Construct Lab of Origin Zygosity Parental Zygosity
a9 Dowling Lab homozygous Unknown
b4 Streisinger Lab homozygous Unknown
kg1Tg Tg(5xUAS:sypb-GCaMP3,myl7:EGFP) Meyer Lab unknown Unknown
kg302Tg TgBAC(tenm3:GAL4FF) Hindges Lab unknown Unknown
w2 David Raible Lab homozygous Unknown
FISH UTILIZING slc45a2b4/b4 ; kg302Tg ; kg1Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2
Fish Affected Genomic Regions Phenotype Gene Expression
slc45a2b4/b4 ; kg302Tg ; kg1Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17, slc45a2 Fig. 6 with image from Antinucci et al., 2016