Azizi et al., 2020 - Nuclear crowding and nonlinear diffusion during interkinetic nuclear migration in the zebrafish retina. eLIFE   9 Full text @ Elife

Figure 1. Imaging and tracking fluorescently labeled nuclei.

(A) A transgenic H2B-GFP embryonic retina imaged using lightsheet microscopy at ∼30 hpf. The lens, as well as apical and basal surfaces are indicated. (B) A schematic representation of single-angle lightsheet imaging of the retina. Laser light is focused into a sheet of light by the illumination objective and scans the retina. Fluorescent light is then collected by the perpendicular detection objective. (C) Track visualization and curation using the MaMuT plugin of Fiji. All tracks within a volume of the retina are curated and visualized. Circles and dots represent centers of nuclei, and lines show their immediate (10 previous steps) track. (D) The position of a single nucleus within the retinal tissue from its birth to its eventual division. The magenta dot indicates the nucleus tracked at various time points during its cell cycle. The last four panels are at shorter time intervals to highlight the rapid movement of the nucleus prior to mitosis.

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