Langevin et al., 2017 - FTR83, a Member of the Large Fish-Specific finTRIM Family, Triggers IFN Pathway and Counters Viral Infection. Frontiers in immunology   8:617 Full text @ Front Immunol

Fig. 2

ftr82 and ftr83 expression pattern are distinct. (A) Spatial expression of ftr83 and ftr82 in 3.5 dpf zebrafish larvae. WISH using antisense probes indicated on each panel. Scale bars: 0.5 mm. (B) Genes expression in 2–3 months old juvenile zebrafish, measured by RTQPCR in various dissected tissues. Transcript copy numbers were normalized to β-actin expression: measured ratio of cDNA of interest/β-actin cDNA is shown. Results of three biological replicates, each being a pool of organs from 15 fish.

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