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Lang et al., 2010 - Conservation of shh cis-regulatory architecture of the coelacanth is consistent with its ancestral phylogenetic position. EvoDevo   1(1):11 Full text @ EvoDevo

Fig. 3 Functional assay of Latimeria ar-A, ar-B, and ar-D enhancers in zebrafish. Two fluorescent images are shown for each embryo. Low magnification displays the whole embryo and high magnification focuses on the trunk above the yolk extension. Schematic representations of the injected zebrafish (z) and Latimeria (l) promoter (pr) and enhancer reporter constructs are shown on the left side of each panel (a-d) VISTA plot comparisons of the zebrafish and Latimeria enhancer regions are shown below reporter constructs and indicate the degree of conservation. Conservation identity greater than 70% is highlighted in color. (a) Embryo injected with control construct containing the 0.8 kb (form the transcriptional start site) zebrafish shh promoter, linked to GFP. (b-d) Embryos injected with reporter constructs containing the minimal zebrafish shh promoter and one of the Latimeria shh enhancers ar-D (b) ar-A (c) and ar-B (d). GFP expression in the floorplate is indicated by arrows and the arrowheads point at expression in the notochord.

ZFIN wishes to thank the journal EvoDevo for permission to reproduce figures from this article. Please note that this material may be protected by copyright. Full text @ EvoDevo