ZIRC and ZFIN staff - Mutant and Transgenic Line Submissions 2009. ZFIN Direct Data Submission

Fig. 1 Top Panel: Female (top) and male (below) ednrb1 b140/b140;mitfab692/b692 taken with blackfield illumination. Middle Panel: Same male and female ednrb1 b140/b140;mitfab692/b692 - incident and translucent light microscopy combined. Bottom panels: Left: Bright field microscopy, iridophores and melanophores are absent, xantophores (yellow) are present in ednrb1 b140/b140;mitfab692/b692. Right: Fluorescent micrograph with FITC illumination, few iridophores/leucophores (arrowheads, autofluorescent cells) are present in ednrb1 b140/b140;mitfab692/b692 mutants.

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