ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-080321-3
Genomic Feature: vu234Tg
Synonyms: Tg(sox10:mRFP)vu234
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(sox10:mRFP) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Appel Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources:
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous vu234Tg/vu234Tg (AB) Unknown
Heterozygous vu234Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
Complex erbb3bst48/st48 ; vu234Tg erbb3b
erbb3bst48/st48; vu234Tg erbb3b
kifbpst23/st23; vu234Tg kifbp
pard3abfh305/+; vu234Tg pard3ab
pard3abfh305/fh305; vu234Tg pard3ab
smn1fh229/fh229; vu234Tg smn1
vu234Tg ; hmgcs1vu57/vu57 hmgcs1
vu234Tg ; prickle1bfh122 prickle1b
adgrg1stl13/stl13 ; vu234Tg adgrg1
foxd3zdf10/zdf10; vu234Tg foxd3
fscn1azd1012/zd1012; vu234Tg fscn1a
prickle1ach105/ch105 ; vu234Tg prickle1a
vu234Tg ; adgrg1stl13/+ adgrg1
vu234Tg ; cog4b1312/b1312 cog4
dync1h1hi3684Tg/hi3684Tg; vu234Tg dync1h1
rbms3ct30aGt; vu234Tg (AB) rbms3
trps1j1271aGt; vu234Tg trps1
unm_ct74act74aGt/+; vu234Tg/+ unm_ct74a
vu234Tg ; gle1hi4161aTg/hi4161aTg gle1
sox10m241/m241; vu234Tg (AB) sox10
ia4Tg; vu234Tg
ia50Tg ; vu234Tg
mi2001Tg; vu234Tg
ml2Tg; vu234Tg
mw30Tg ; vu234Tg
ne1911Tg; vu234Tg
p151Tg ; vu234Tg
pd1028Tg; vu234Tg
rw0Tg; vu234Tg
sb1Tg; vu234Tg
sl1Tg; vu234Tg
vu12Tg; vu234Tg
vu16Tg; vu234Tg
vu17Tg; vu234Tg (AB)
vu17Tg; vu234Tg
vu234Tg ; nc1Tg
vu234Tg ; w47Tg
vu234Tg; s870Tg
vu234Tg; z200Tg
y1Tg ; vu234Tg
nid1bsa13713/sa13713; nid2asa15802/sa15802; vu234Tg nid1b, nid2a
barx1fh331/fh331; trps1j1271aGt; vu234Tg barx1, trps1
erbb3bst48/st48 ; vu234Tg ; vu17Tg erbb3b
erbb3bst48/st48; vu17Tg; vu234Tg erbb3b
kifbpst23/st23; vu12Tg; vu234Tg kifbp
paf1z24/z24; vu234Tg; z200Tg paf1
pard3abfh305/+; ml2Tg; vu234Tg (AB) pard3ab
pard3abfh305/fh305; ml2Tg; vu234Tg pard3ab
smn1fh229/fh229; os44Tg; vu234Tg smn1
tfap2ats213/ts213; vu234Tg; z200Tg tfap2a
foxd3zdf10/zdf10; vu234Tg; z200Tg foxd3
lrp4p184/p184 ; vu234Tg ; ml2Tg lrp4
pcdh10aco1000/co1000 ; w47Tg ; vu234Tg pcdh10a
dync1h1hi3684Tg/hi3684Tg; ml2Tg; vu234Tg dync1h1
plod3tv205a/tv205a; ml2Tg; vu234Tg plod3
sox10m241/m241; vu12Tg; vu234Tg sox10
co19Tg; uq1esTg; vu234Tg
co21Tg; uq1esTg; vu234Tg
tfap2ats213/ts213; foxd3zdf10/zdf10; vu234Tg; z200Tg foxd3, tfap2a
tfap2am610/m610; foxd3m188/m188; vu17Tg; vu234Tg foxd3, tfap2a
adgrg6stl47/stl47; vu234Tg adgrg6
adgra2s984/s984; sb1Tg; vu234Tg adgra2
Unknown vu234Tg (AB) Unknown
vu234Tg Unknown