ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-070529-1
Genomic Feature: la116Tg
Synonyms: Tg(kdr:GFP)la116 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(kdrl:GFP) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Jau-Nian Chen Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources:
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous la116Tg/la116Tg (TL) ♀+/- ♂+/-
Complex acvrl1y6/y6; la116Tg acvrl1
arhgef7bm292/m292; la116Tg arhgef7b
cemip2hu4800/hu4800; la116Tg (AB/TL) cemip2
cemip2hu5935/hu5935; la116Tg (AB/TL) cemip2
dicer1hu896/hu896; la116Tg dicer1
gdf6as327/s327 ; la116Tg gdf6a
iarsy68/y68; la116Tg iars1
la116Tg ; kcnj8hu11872/+ kcnj8
la116Tg ; tbx1tu285/tu285 tbx1
la116Tg ; tln1f102k/f102k tln1
npas4ls5/s5; la116Tg npas4l
pku300te382b/te382b; la116Tg pku300
plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; la116Tg plxnd1
tars1y58/y58; la116Tg tars1
unc45atr12/tr12; la116Tg unc45a
utp15la1908/la1908; la116Tg utp15
znf408rmc104/rmc104; la116Tg (TL) znf408
bmp10pt527/pt527; la116Tg bmp10
cxcr4aum20/um20; la116Tg cxcr4a
dyrk1aakrb1/krb1; la116Tg dyrk1aa
gata2aum27/um27; la116Tg gata2a
la116Tg ; mir139ya302/ya302 mir139
la116Tg ; mir24-4ya327/ya327 mir24-4
la116Tg ; vegfaazf1090/zf1090 vegfaa
mir24-3ya326/ya326 ; la116Tg mir24-3
nr2f1ael512/el512 ; la116Tg nr2f1a
znf408rmc103/rmc103; la116Tg (TL) znf408
eif3ila010697Tg/la010697Tg; la116Tg eif3i
f1Tg; la116Tg
f2Tg ; la116Tg
jh11Tg; la116Tg
la116Tg ; pd108Tg
la116Tg ; pd37Tg
la116Tg ; sd7Tg
la116Tg/+; nz101Tg/+
la116Tg; sd2Tg
la116Tg; vu19Tg
znf408rmc105/+; la116Tg (TL) znf408
znf408rmc105/rmc105; la116Tg (TL) znf408
abcc9hu11859/hu11859 ; la116Tg abcc9
la116Tg ; abcc9hu11859/+ abcc9
fbn2bte382a/+; pku300te382b/+; la116Tg fbn2b, pku300
fbn2bte382a/+; pku300te382b/+; la116Tg/+ fbn2b, pku300
fbn2bte382a/te382a; pku300te382b/te382b; la116Tg fbn2b, pku300
bmp10lsa11654/sa11654; bmp10pt527/pt527; la116Tg bmp10, bmp10l
la116Tg ; nr2f1ael512/el512 ; nr2f2el506/+ nr2f1a, nr2f2
mir24-4ya327/ya327 ; la116Tg ; mir24-3ya326/ya326 mir24-3, mir24-4
nr2f1ael512/el512 ; nr2f2el506/el506 ; la116Tg nr2f1a, nr2f2
acvrl1y6/y6; la116Tg; sd2Tg acvrl1
edn1tf216b/tf216b; la116Tg; sd2Tg edn1
tln1f102k/f102k ; f2Tg ; la116Tg tln1
tln1f102k/f102k; f1Tg; la116Tg tln1
unc45atr12/tr12; la116Tg; sd2Tg unc45a
chrna1b107/b107; la116Tg/la116Tg; sd2Tg/sd2Tg chrna1
cxcr4aum20/um20; la116Tg; sd2Tg cxcr4a
la116Tg ; pd37Tg ; tcf21sk1/sk1 tcf21
la116Tg ; sd7Tg ; vegfaazf1090/zf1090 vegfaa
twu3Tg ; la116Tg ; fkrpuab203/uab203 fkrp
gl24Tg; i149Tg; la116Tg
acvrl1y6/+; edn1tf216b/tf216b; la116Tg; sd2Tg acvrl1, edn1
acvrl1y6/y6; edn1tf216b/tf216b; la116Tg; sd2Tg acvrl1, edn1
fbn2bte382a/te382a; pku300te382b/te382b; jh11Tg; la116Tg fbn2b, pku300
fbn2bte382a/te382a; pku300te382b/te382b; la116Tg; pku302Tg fbn2b, pku300
acvrl1y6/y6; cxcr4aum20/um20; la116Tg; sd2Tg acvrl1, cxcr4a
la116Tg ; mir24-1ya324/ya324 mir24-1
la116Tg ; mir24-2ya325/ya325 mir24-2
la116Tg ; mir24-1ya324/ya324 ; mir24-3ya326/ya326 mir24-1, mir24-3
la116Tg ; mir24-4ya327/ya327 ; mir24-2ya325/ya325 mir24-2, mir24-4
mir24-1ya324/ya324 ; la116Tg ; mir24-4ya327/ya327 mir24-1, mir24-4
la116Tg ; mir24-4ya327/ya327 ; mir24-3ya326/ya326 ; mir24-2ya325/ya325 mir24-2, mir24-3, mir24-4
mir24-4ya327/ya327 ; la116Tg ; mir24-3ya326/ya326 ; mir24-1ya324/ya324 mir24-1, mir24-3, mir24-4
la116Tg ; mir24-1ya324/ya324 ; mir24-2ya325/ya325 mir24-1, mir24-2
mir24-1ya324/ya324 ; la116Tg ; mir24-2ya325/ya325 ; mir24-4ya327/ya327 mir24-1, mir24-2, mir24-4
mir24-2ya325/ya325 ; la116Tg ; mir24-3ya326/ya326 ; mir24-1ya324/ya324 mir24-1, mir24-2, mir24-3
mir24-2ya325/ya325 ; mir24-1ya324/ya324 ; mir24-4ya327/ya327 ; la116Tg ; mir24-3ya326/ya326 mir24-1, mir24-2, mir24-3, mir24-4
pdgfaaioz23/ioz23; pdgfabioz24/ioz24; fb7Tg; la116Tg; sd2Tg pdgfaa, pdgfab
Unknown la116Tg (AB) Unknown
la116Tg (TL) Unknown
la116Tg Unknown