ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-070314-1
Genomic Feature: s1999tTg
Synonyms: Tg(UAS-E1b:Kaede)s1999t
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(UAS-E1B:Kaede) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Baier Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous s1999tTg/s1999tTg ♀-/- ♂-/-
Heterozygous s1999tTg/+ (AB) Unknown
s1999tTg/+ (AB/TL) Unknown
Complex anxa5by312Et; s1999tTg (TL) anxa5b
atp11ay372Et; s1999tTg (TL) atp11a
ccdc18y337Et; s1999tTg (TL) ccdc18
celf5ay373Et; s1999tTg (TL) celf5a
clasp2y322Et; s1999tTg (TL) clasp2
dctdy319Et; s1999tTg (TL) dctd
dusp27y241Et/+; s1999tTg (TL) dusp27
dusp27y241Et/y241Et; s1999tTg (TL) dusp27
dusp27y241Et; s1999tTg (TL) dusp27
erp44y328Et; s1999tTg (TL) erp44
farsby307Et; s1999tTg (TL) farsb
fgf3y323Et; s1999tTg (TL) fgf3
fndc5by293Et; s1999tTg (TL) fndc5b
fstl1by345Et; s1999tTg (TL) fstl1b
igsf5ay270Et; s1999tTg (TL) igsf5a
pglyrp5y256Et; s1999tTg (TL) pglyrp5
s1999tTg ; thion32Tg th
scube1y255Et; s1999tTg (TL) scube1
sema3gay351Et; s1999tTg (TL) sema3ga
si:dkey-239b22.1y324Et; s1999tTg (TL) si:dkey-239b22.1
slc7a14by332Et; s1999tTg (TL) slc7a14b
slc7a2y314Et; s1999tTg (TL) slc7a2
snx24y317Et; s1999tTg (TL) snx24
tiam2ay264Et; s1999tTg (TL) tiam2a
tiam2ay264Et; s1999tTg tiam2a
zgc:162297y318Et; s1999tTg (TL) zgc:162297
znf536y355Et; s1999tTg (TL) znf536
fh386Tg; s1999tTg
fh430Tg ; s1999tTg
gl24Tg/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
gl24Tg; s1999tTg
gl25Tg; s1999tTg
i252bTg; s1999tTg
kca4Tg; s1999tTg
nns54Tg; s1999tTg
nns6Tg; s1999tTg
s1000tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1000tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1001tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TL)
s1001tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1001tEt; s1999tTg
s1002tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1002tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1003tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1003tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1003tEt; s1999tTg (WIK/AB)
s1004tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1004tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1005tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1005tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1006tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1006tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1006tEt; s1999tTg
s1007tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1007tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1008tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1008tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1009tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1009tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1010tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1010tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1011tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1011tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1011tEt; s1999tTg
s1012tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1012tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1013tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1013tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1014tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1014tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1015tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1015tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1016tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1016tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1017tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1017tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1018tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1018tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1019tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1019tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1020tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1020tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1020tEt; s1999tTg
s1020tEt; s1999tTg (TU)
s1021tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1021tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1022tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1022tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1023tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1023tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1024tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1024tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1026tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1026tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1027tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1027tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1028tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1028tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1029tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1029tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1030tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1031tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1031tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1032tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1032tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1033tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1033tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1034tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1034tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1035tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1035tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1036tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1036tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1037tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1037tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1038tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1038tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1039tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1039tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1040tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1040tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1041tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1041tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1042tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1042tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1043tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1043tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1044tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1044tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1045tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1045tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1046tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1046tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1047tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1047tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1048tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1048tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1049tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1049tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1050tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1050tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1051tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1051tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1052tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1052tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1053tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1053tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1054tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1055tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1055tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1056tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1056tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1057tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1057tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1058tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1058tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1059tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1060tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1061tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1061tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1062tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1063tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1064tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1064tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1065tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1065tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1066tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1066tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1067tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1067tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1068tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1068tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1069tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1069tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1070tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1071tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1071tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1072tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1072tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1073tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1074tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1074tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1075tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1075tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1078tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1078tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1079tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1079tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1080tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1080tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1081tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1081tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1082tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1082tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1082tEt; s1999tTg
s1083tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1083tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1084tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1084tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1085tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1085tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1086tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1086tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1087tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1087tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1088tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1088tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1089tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1089tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1090tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1090tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1091tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1091tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1092tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1092tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1093tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1093tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1094tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1094tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1095tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1095tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1096tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1096tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1097tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1097tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1098tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1098tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1099tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1099tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1100tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1101tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1101tEt; s1999tTg
s1101tEt; s1999tTg (TL)
s1102tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1102tEt; s1999tTg
s1104tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1104tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1105tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1105tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1106tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1106tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1107tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1107tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1108tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1109tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1109tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1110tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1110tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1111tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1111tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1112tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1112tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1113tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1113tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1114tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1114tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1115tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1115tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1116tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1116tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1117tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1118tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1118tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1119tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1119tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1120tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1120tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1122tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1122tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1123tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1123tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1124tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1124tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1125tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1125tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1126tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1126tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1127tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1127tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1128tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1128tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1129tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1129tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1130tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1130tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1131tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1131tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1133tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1134tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1134tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1135tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1136tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1136tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1137tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1137tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1138tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1138tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1139tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1139tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1140tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1140tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1141tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1141tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1142tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1142tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1143tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1143tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1144tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1144tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1145tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1145tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1146tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1146tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1147tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1148tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1148tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1149tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1149tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1150tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1151tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1151tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1152tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1152tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1153tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1154tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1154tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1155tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1155tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1156tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1156tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1157tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1157tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1158tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1158tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1159tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1159tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1160tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1160tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1161tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1161tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1162tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1162tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1163tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1163tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1164tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1164tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1166tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1166tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1167tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1168tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1168tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1168tEt; s1999tTg
s1169tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1169tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1170tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1170tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1171tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1171tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1172tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1173tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1173tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1174tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1174tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1175tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1175tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1176tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1176tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1177tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1177tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1178tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1179tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1180tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1180tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1181tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (TLN)
s1181tEt/+; s1999tTg/+ (AB)
s1181tEt; s1999tTg
s1992tTg ; s1999tTg (TLN)
s1999tTg ; fh452Tg
s1999tTg ; nkhspGFF53AEt
s1999tTg ; nkmnr2bhsga14Tg
s1999tTg ; pfu101Tg
s1999tTg ; sh267Tg
s1999tTg ; y393Et (TL)
s1999tTg/s1999tTg ; sh267Tg/sh267Tg
s1999tTg; sh256Tg
s1999tTg; y234Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y236Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y237Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y238Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y240Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y242Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y243Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y244Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y245Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y247Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y249Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y252Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y265Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y269Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y271Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y274Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y275Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y279Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y294Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y295Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y296Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y297Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y298Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y299Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y300Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y301Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y302Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y303Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y304Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y305Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y306Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y308Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y309Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y310Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y311Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y313Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y315Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y316Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y320Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y321Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y325Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y326Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y327Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y329Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y330Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y331Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y333Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y334Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y336Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y338Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y339Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y341Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y342Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y347Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y348Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y350Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y352Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y353Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y354Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y356Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y357Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y358Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y359Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y364Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y365Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y371Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y375Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y376Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y378Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y379Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y380Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y381Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y382Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y383Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y384Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y385Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y387Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y388Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y394Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y397Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y401Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y405Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y412Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y416Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y417Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y418Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y420Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y421Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y423Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y425Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y426Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y427Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y428Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y429Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y430Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y431Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y432Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y433Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y434Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y435Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y436Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y437Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y438Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y441Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y444Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y467Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y468Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y469Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y470Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y471Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y472Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y473Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y476Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y477Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y511Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y512Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y513Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y514Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y515Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y532Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y533Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y564Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y565Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y566Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y567Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y575Et (TL)
s1999tTg; y576Et (TL)
s1999tTg; zc1044aEt
s1999tTg; zc1052bEt
s1999tTg; zc1076aEt
s1999tTg; zc1077aEt
s1999tTg; zc1087aEt
s1999tTg; zc1090aEt
s1999tTg; zc1093aEt
s1999tTg; zc60Tg
s1999tTg; zf416Tg
ue7Tg ; s1999tTg
y396Et ; s1999tTg (TL)
cxcr3.2hu6044/hu6044; gl24Tg; s1999tTg cxcr3.2
kifbpst23/st23; s1999tTg; ue7Tg kifbp
mafbab337/b337; s1020tEt; s1999tTg mafba
s1999tTg ; fh430Tg ; atoh1afh282/fh282 atoh1a
slc7a7t30713/t30713; gl24Tg; s1999tTg slc7a7
csf1raj4blue/j4blue; gl25Tg; s1999tTg csf1ra
fh430Tg ; s1999tTg ; atoh1cfh367/fh367 atoh1c
s1999tTg ; fh430Tg ; atoh1bfh473/fh473 atoh1b
gl24Tg; s1999tTg; s948Tg
hdb7Tg ; gl24Tg ; s1999tTg
kca3Tg; s1001tEt; s1999tTg
s1101tEt; s1987tTg; s1999tTg
s1101tEt; s1989tTg; s1999tTg (TL)
s1101tEt; s1989tTg; s1999tTg
s1101tEt; s1990tTg; s1999tTg
s1999tTg ; fh430Tg ; nns8Tg
atoh1afh282/fh282 ; fh430Tg ; s1999tTg ; atoh1cfh367/fh367 atoh1a, atoh1c
atoh1bfh473/fh473 ; s1999tTg ; atoh1afh282/fh282 ; fh430Tg atoh1a, atoh1b
atoh1bfh473/fh473 ; s1999tTg ; atoh1cfh367/fh367 ; fh430Tg atoh1b, atoh1c
gl24Tg; s1999tTg; s948Tg; tud205Tg
i149Tg ; i186Tg ; sh267Tg ; s1999tTg (AB)
s1999tTg ; i186Tg ; i149Tg ; gl24Tg (AB)
atoh1cfh367/fh367 ; fh430Tg ; s1999tTg ; atoh1bfh473/fh473 ; atoh1afh282/fh282 atoh1a, atoh1b, atoh1c
Unknown s1999tTg (AB) Unknown
s1999tTg (AB/TL) Unknown
s1999tTg Unknown
s1999tTg (TL) Unknown
s1999tTg (TLN) Unknown