ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-050809-20
Genomic Feature: twu34Tg
Synonyms: A34 (1), Tg(myl7:EGFP) , Tg(myl7:EGFP)twu34 , twu34
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(myl7:EGFP) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Tsai Laboratory
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources:
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous twu34Tg/twu34Tg Unknown
twu34Tg/twu34Tg ♀+/- ♂+/-
Heterozygous twu34Tg/+ Unknown
Complex desmact122aGt/ct122aGt ; twu34Tg desma
desmasa5/sa5 ; twu34Tg desma
hspb7wcm3/wcm3 ; twu34Tg/twu34Tg hspb7
rnf2ibl31/ibl31 ; twu34Tg (TL) rnf2
smarce1una1/una1 ; twu34Tg smarce1
twu34Tg ; ci5Tg
twu34Tg ; hey2hsc25/hsc25 hey2
twu34Tg ; hspb7wcm3/wcm3 hspb7
twu34Tg ; pbx4b557/b557 pbx4
twu34Tg; ubs10Tg
twu34Tg; y173Tg
zbtb16azf2179/zf2179 ; twu34Tg zbtb16a
zbtb16azf2180/zf2180 ; twu34Tg zbtb16a
zbtb16azf2181/zf2181 ; twu34Tg zbtb16a
atp1a1a.1m883/m883; twu34Tg atp1a1a.1
bmp4b1172/+; twu34Tg bmp4
ccm2m201/m201; twu34Tg ccm2
crb2am289/m289; twu34Tg crb2a
ctr9la961/la961; twu34Tg ctr9
ezh2hu5670/+ ; twu34Tg ezh2
hmgcrbs617/s617; twu34Tg hmgcrb
mib1ta52b/ta52b; twu34Tg mib1
mpp5am520; twu34Tg mpp5a
npas4ls5/s5; twu34Tg npas4l
s1pr2te273/te273; twu34Tg s1pr2
s1pr2te273/te273; twu34Tg/twu34Tg s1pr2
slc8a1atc318d/tc318d; twu34Tg slc8a1a
smarca4aa8/a8; twu34Tg smarca4a
smarca4as481/s481; twu34Tg smarca4a
smob577/+; twu34Tg (AB) smo
spawt30973/t30973; twu34Tg spaw
tbx1tm208/tm208; twu34Tg (AB) tbx1
tbx1tm208/tm208; twu34Tg tbx1
tbx1tu285/+; twu34Tg (AB) tbx1
tdgf1tz257/tz257; twu34Tg/twu34Tg tdgf1
twu34Tg ; ezh2hu5670/hu5670 ezh2
twu34Tg ; pdgfrask16/sk16 pdgfra
twu34Tg ; tbx20la1110/la1110 tbx20
cdc14bvu426Tg/vu426Tg; twu34Tg cdc14b
twu34Tg ; pdgfrasmh1300Gt/+ pdgfra
twu34Tg ; pdgfrasmh1300Gt/smh1300Gt pdgfra
ccm2s259/s259; twu34Tg ccm2
mpp5as305/s305; twu34Tg mpp5a
f2Tg; twu34Tg
fr13Tg; twu34Tg
ha01Tg; twu34Tg
jh11Tg ; twu34Tg
md3Tg; twu34Tg
foxh1pr1/pr1; twu34Tg foxh1
foxn4s644/s644; twu34Tg foxn4
slc45a2unspecified/unspecified; twu34Tg slc45a2
npas4ls5/s5; s1pr2te273/te273; twu34Tg npas4l, s1pr2
vhlhu2081/+; vhlhu2117/+; twu34Tg vhl
atp1a1a.1la1/la1; twu34Tg atp1a1a.1
Unknown twu34Tg (TL) Unknown
twu34Tg Unknown