Genome wide identification, phylogeny, and expression of bone morphogenetic protein genes in tetraploidized common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Chen, L., Dong, C., Kong, S., Zhang, J., Li, X., Xu, P.
Gene   627: 157-163 (Journal)
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Chen, Lin
Bone morphogenetic protein, Common carp, Gene duplication, Gene family, Genome rearrangement
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Bone morphogenetic proteins (Bmps) are a group of signaling molecules known to play important roles during formation and maintenance of various organs, not only bone, but also muscle, blood and so on. Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is one of the most intensively studied fish due to its economic and environmental importance. Besides, common carp had encountered an additional round of whole genome duplication (WGD) compared with many closely related diploid teleost, which make it one of the most important models for genome evolutionary studies in teleost. Comprehensive genome resources of common carp have been developed recently, which facilitate the thorough characterization of bmp gene family in the tetraploidized common carp genome. We identified a total of 44 bmps from the common carp genome, which are twice as many as that of zebrafish. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that most of bmps are highly conserved. Comparative analysis was performed across six typical vertebrate genomes. It appeared that all the bmp genes in common carp were duplicated. Obviously, the expansion of the bmp gene family in common carp was due to the latest additional round of whole genome duplication and make it more abundant than other diploid teleosts. Expression signatures were assessed in major tissues, including gill, intestine, liver, spleen, skin, heart, gonad, muscle, kidney, head kidney, brain and blood, which demonstrated the comprehensive expression profiles of bmp genes in the tetraploidized genome. Significant gene expression divergences were observed which revealed substantial functional divergences of those duplicated bmp genes post the latest WGD event. The conserved synteny blocks of bmp5s revealed the genome rearrangement of common carp post the 4R WGD. The whole set of bmp gene family in common carp provides insight into gene fate of tetraploidized common carp genome post recent WGD.
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