ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-060323-26
Duplicate sfrp1 genes in zebrafish: sfrp1a is dynamically expressed in the developing central nervous system, gut and lateral line
Pezeron, G., Anselme, I., Laplante, M., Ellingsen, S., Becker, T.S., Rosa, F.M., Charnay, P., Schneider-Maunoury, S., Mourrain, P., and Ghislain, J.
Date: 2006
Source: Gene expression patterns : GEP   6(8): 835-842 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Anselme, Isabelle, Becker, Thomas S., Charnay, Patrick, Ellingsen, Ståle, Ghislain, Julien, Laplante, Mary, Mourrain, Philippe, Pézeron, Guillaume, Rosa, Frederic, Schneider-Maunoury, Sylvie
Keywords: Blastoderm, CNS, Danio rerio, Ear, Endoderm, Enhancer trap, Eye, Fin-bud, Frizzled, FrzA, Gastrula, Gut, Hindbrain, Interneuromast, Lateral line, Midbrain, Neuroectoderm, Neuromast, Paraxial mesoderm, Presomitic, Primordium, Pronephric duct, Pronephros, Secreted frizzled-related protein, Sfrp, Somite, Tegmentum, Telencephalon, Wnt, Yolk extension, Yolk syncytial layer, Zebrafish
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PubMed: 16545988 Full text @ Gene Expr. Patterns
The secreted frizzled-related proteins (Sfrp) are a family of soluble proteins with diverse biological functions having the capacity to bind Wnt ligands, to modulate Wnt signalling, and to signal directly via the Wnt receptor, Frizzled. In an enhancer trap screen for embryonic expression in zebrafish we identified an sfrp1 gene. Previous studies suggest an important role for sfrp1 in eye development, however, no data have been reported using the zebrafish model. In this paper, we describe duplicate sfrp1 genes in zebrafish and present a detailed analysis of the expression profile of both genes. Whole mount in situ hybridisation analyses of sfrp1a during embryonic and larval development revealed a dynamic expression profile, including: the central nervous system, where sfrp1a was regionally expressed throughout the brain and developing eye; the posterior gut, from the time of endodermal cell condensation; the lateral line, where sfrp1a was expressed in the migrating primordia and interneuromast cells that give rise to the sensory organs. Other sites included the blastoderm, segmenting mesoderm, olfactory placode, developing ear, pronephros and fin-bud. We have also analysed sfrp1b expression during embryonic development. Surprisingly this gene exhibited a divergent expression profile being limited to the yolk syncytium under the elongating tail-bud, which later covered the distal yolk extension, and transiently in the tail-bud mesenchyme. Overall, our studies provide a basis for future analyses of these developmentally important factors using the zebrafish model.