ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-030128-11
Shuda, Jamie
Email: jschaefe@mail.jci.tju.edu
Affiliation: Farber Lab
Address: Carnegie Institution Department of Embryology 3520 San Martin Drive Baltimore, MD 21218 USA
Country: United States
Phone: (215) 503-2472
Fax: (215) 923-7144

Jamie Schaefer, a 2002 Drexel University graduate earning a bachelors of science in psychology and a masters of science in education is the coordinator of the Science Outreach Program at Thomas Jefferson University. Since August 2002, Ms. Schaefer has developed and implemented the K-12 curriculum that uses zebrafish to teach students about life science and the importance of genetic research. Jefferson’s Science Outreach Program has two main components: educating students and community members through hands-on tours of Jefferson’s Zebrafish Facility, and bringing the zebrafish to second through fourth grade school classrooms throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for hands-on experiments. The program teaches students about science literacy, genetics, the experimental process and the cardiovascular system through the use of live zebrafish.

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