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Figures for Budine et al., 2020

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 1 Loss of zygotic Gon4l function affects cardiac chamber patterning and causes a reduction in number of cardiomyocytes. Lateral view of WT embryos (A) and udu−/− (B) and their heart region (C, D) at 48 hpf. Dorsal view of WT (E, F, G) and udu−/- embryos (H, I,J) showing the expression of myl7 (E, H), myh6 (F, I), and myh7 (G, J) at 24 hpf by WISH. Dorsal view of myl7 (K, N), myh6 (L, O), and myh7 (M, P) expression at 48 hpf by WISH in WT (K, L, M) udu−/− (N, O, P) embryos.

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