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Figures for Budine et al., 2020

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Fig. 6 Ectopic nkx2.5 expression is not sufficient to rescue ventricular identity in udu−/− embryos. Experimental workflow (A). Immunofluorescent labeling with S46 (green) labeling the atrium, MF20 (blue) labeling the myocardium and Mef2 (red) labeling the cardiomyocyte nuclei in 48 hpf WT embryos (B, C) and udu−/− embryos without Tg(hsp70l:nkx2.5-eGFP) (B, D) and those harboring Tg(hsp70l:nkx2.5-eGFP) (C, E). Graphs showing the total number of cardiomyocytes (F), and a proportion of ventricular cardiomyocytes (G) in WT (grey) and udu−/− (blue) embryos with (light grey, light blue) and without Tg(hsp70l:nkx2.5-eGFP) (dark grey, dark blue). ∗p ​< ​0.05, ∗∗p ​< ​0.01, ∗∗∗p ​< ​0.001, ∗∗∗∗p ​< ​0.0001, error bars ​= ​SEM. Scale bar represents 50 ​μm.

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