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Fig. 4

ER stresses in copper-stressed and BFA-treated embryos. A Phenotypes of representative copper-stressed embryos with or without BFA. BFA treatment destroys the COPII function and induces ER stresses, A7, measurement of eye diameters of the embryos. A1-A6, lateral view, anterior to the left. B Protein levels of P­eIF-2α in copper-stressed embryos with or without BFA (B1) and the quantification of protein levels of P­eIF-2α in each sample (B2). C Western blot detection of XBP1-s in copper-stressed embryos (C1) and the quantification of protein level in each sample (C2). D Immunostaining of PDI (ER marker) in copper-treated embryos. D1-D3, merged images of immunostaining of PDI (green) and DAPI staining (blue); D4, D5 and D6 were magnified domains of white boxes marked in D1, D2 and D3, respectively. D1- D6, sagittal slides in eyes domain. Scale bar: A1-A6, 0.2 mm; D1-D9, 50 μm; D10-D12, 10 μm. **, P < 0.01; *, P < 0.05

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