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Fig. 5

Ectopic Bergmann glial cells (BGs) in reln mutants. (A–H) Aberrant localization of BGs in reln mutants. Sagittal section of adult (96 dpf) SAGFF(LF)251A; UAS:GFP brains, which express GFP in BGs, harboring WT (control, n= 5) or homozygous reln mutant (relnΔ7/Δ7n= 5) alleles were stained with anti-Pvalb7 (magenta) and anti-GFP (green) antibodies. (B-D, F–H) High magnification images of the boxes in A and E. (I) Ratio of the BG (GFP+) area in the GCL to the total BG area in controls and relnΔ7/Δ7mutants. Fluorescence images were captured of every fourth section (14 total sections in each fish). The GFP+ area in the Pvalb7-negative GCL layer was measured and divided by the total GFP+ area in the cerebellum. *p< 0.05 (Mann-Whitney test). Scale bars: 300 μm in A (applies to A and E); 50 μm in B (applies to B-D and F–H).

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