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Fig. 5

FoxH1 blocks maternal clearance of cd82b and jade1. ab RT-qPCR analysis of cd82b (a) or jade1 (b) in embryos at 50% epiboly with indicated genetic background. Massive reduction of expression is shown in MZsur mutants which cannot be rescued by injection of FHD-VP16 mRNA but is rescued via injection of foxH1WT mRNA. Error bars indicate standard error (SEM) from 2 biological replicates. Calculation of relative normalized expression, standard error, and significance was made with the Bio-Rad CFX Manager 3.1 software (***p < 0.001; n.s. p ≥ 0.05). For individual values, see also Additional file : Individual qPCR values. cf WISH for cd82b and jade1 in wild type embryos (ce) shows staining at sphere stage, but not at shield stage when miR-430 becomes active (c′, e′). In MZsur mutants (df), weak or no staining is visible for all stages indicating the negative role of FoxH1 in regulating miR-430 activity at early embryonic stages. Size bars 200 μm

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